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Solar Car Ventilation

solar car ventilation
No solar powered car ventilation systems really work?

I'm thinking of today Fling Thing, which is a car fan portable fan powered by solar energy. I wonder if this really works – is really hot exhaust air effectively?

It seems to work, long as there is enough solar energy to keep the thing running. I'm not really sure if it is more effective than just leaving the car windows open a little.

Solar Attic Ventilation

solar attic ventilation
solar attic ventilation
Do solar powered attic fans work well?

I live in Texas and it is ridiculously hot in the attic. I try to improve ventilation in the attic, but the problem is that in the summer, winds in my area are almost nonexistent, I would like an engine ventilation fan, but if I understand the energy losses of the savings in cooling and solar power fan seems the ideal solution. Has anyone had any experience with these? Can anyone recommend a brand? I live in the Dallas area.

We sell lots of natural light attic fans solar. They get great reviews, here's an example: "As soon as we installed our fan Hawaii, the temperature in the attic has dropped 50 degrees and installed since we have not had to use our air conditioning unit. The rooms are about 10 degrees cooler than today. An excellent product. The engine is quiet and he worked for three years without a hitch. … Our unit works even when the sky is cloudy. It works on UV! "You can see http://www.altestore.com/store/Lighting-Fans/Solar-Attic-Fan/Natural-Light-SOLAR-ATTIC-FAN-W-20-Watt- Panel/p2435 /. They are not recommended if you have a ridge vent, because they will not have proper air circulation, but if you have gear and / soffet or vents, it works fine.