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Solar Car Ventilation

solar car ventilation
No solar powered car ventilation systems really work?

I'm thinking of today Fling Thing, which is a car fan portable fan powered by solar energy. I wonder if this really works – is really hot exhaust air effectively?

It seems to work, long as there is enough solar energy to keep the thing running. I'm not really sure if it is more effective than just leaving the car windows open a little.

Garden Solar Spotlights

garden solar spotlights
garden solar spotlights
Is it a strong charge projectors, solar garden light?

It is very possible. Light waves streaming out of the filament against light is similar to light waves from the sun. If you've used a calculator that was powered by a solar cell block, and you used it indoors in normal room lighting, then you know that yes, the spotlight can load a solar garden light, if it puts out enough power.

Large Solar Lights

large solar lights
Solar battery panel.?

I have four sealed solar batteries that use was for lighting. I have a charger for backup keep them filled, but one night I left it on all night and forgot and the next morning was warm, not hot and bubbly. Reading, and said 15v I also damaged or will be alright? which are still read 12v at the moment.

they must be well over-load only lasts until the battery cooling it takes to put a load limiter in the charger to avoid overchargeing could explode. the limiter detects full charge and stop producing more inches should be incorporated in the charger if it receives one or build one. your life will be easier.

Hanging Solar Balls

hanging solar balls
hanging solar balls
Find out where to get the directions to build the project old school model solar sytem styrafoam with balls?

Rember one with all the planets hanging from the top of the box, and you've painted the box black inside. I forgot how to do and I want my son to be able to do as I did when I was young.Help!

Try the first source below. For a more advanced approach, see second.

Solar Boat Fans

solar boat fans
solar boat fans
Wow, this is not really solar unimpressive?

Hello friends, I'm for the natural energy, so mounted a few solar panels on the roof boat. So there are 576 small silicon discs are bi utmust them on a bright sunny day. I can supply a small calculator, one inch plastic fan 2, a diode, and a plastic spool with a thread of light on this just to raise a sheet of toilet paper. It is pathetic. I calculated that I would need to cover all 60 feet X 7 feet of roof, and given the maximum sunlight, it might put a light decent, but then I would not need light, I suppose. These things are not cheap, either. Any ideas? Bob

Well, it seems you have not set correctly solar cells. The sun creates an enormous amount of power incident on the earth, about 1000 watts per meter square. A solar cell must reasonably be able to convert about 10% of those in power, giving you about 100W / m ^ 2 or 10cm by 10cm cell should you to 1 W (with only the active area of the cell). In contrast, a 9V battery, managed in a way that the leak in about 4 hours to provide the same power (1W). Of course, no one uses a battery as quickly, then a more realistic power from a battery is about 0.05 W. This means the 100 cm ^ 2 solar cell should be able to power just over a 9V battery. Therefore, it really sounds like you might have connected your system wrong. The voltage you get out of a solar cell is relatively small. If you wired in parallel, the output voltage would be both small. If you connected in series, the output current may not be big enough. And if you hooked them up reverse … well … it is not very well at all. I do not know how you hooked up or what surface you have, or how you try to apply power to your devices, or even that you know all this. But if you can not run a calculator on something that is larger than the typical solar cell on a pocket calculator, it seems you must have done something wrong. And since you try to run a fan (Often, these are devices that need AC 120V) LED (these are DC devices that need very little tension, but must be configured in the rectifying circuit and receiving the correct voltage and current) and a computer (which often run on batteries for all external connections), it seems that you may not realize that each device needs or what you would give.

The VortX 2 Solar powered RC boat