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Solar Activity

solar activity
solar activity
The solar activity?

The other day I was watching this program who spoke about the Columbia disaster and if it was caused by space debris flying. And they said it was unlikely because the solar activity in the previous year (s) was above normal, causing the atmosphere to raise the bar and much scratching of that junk. And yet we have not here this issue when Global Warming is discussed. Something like that you could be responsible for the intensity of hurricanes, but it is also never mentioned. So what's up with that?

http://www.john-daly.com/hockey/sunspots.gif http://www.john-daly.com/hockey/MWE-LIA.gif Search Images and compare them. Is this a good answer? And do not you hate how the warming of many killer hurricanes worldwide has led to this year?

Boot Solaris Zone

boot solaris zone
What is the best Linux Distro to use on…?

a Gateway 3018GZ. I am a newbie to Linux and I want something where I can install it and don’t have to configure too much, preferably no configuring at all. Here are the specs to the Gateway 3018GZ for all Linux experts to help me out. http://support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/Gateway/3000Series/4386sp3.shtml
As of right now I have Mandriva, Ubuntu, FC5 and 4, Solaris 10, and soon getting the latest SUSE. But if you have any other suggestions that would be easier to install with less configuration, I would be much obliged. Also wondering if you could help with the install configuring. Like I said I am a Newbie. email is a_screamobassist@yahoo.com

Ubuntu is one of the most popular distros and supposed to be very user friendly, my choice would be Suse 10.2, it probably has the best hardware support and with the config tool Yast2 is probably the easiest for a newbie to configure. Suse is very easy to install, just make sure your bios are set to boot from the CD/DVD drive, put the disk in and reboot, I assume that you would want to start by dual booting with windows, if that’s the case you can accept the default installation proposals, this will partition your hard drive and install a bootloader so that you can choose to boot into windows or linux.

During the installation you will be asked a few questions such as language and time zone, you will also have to create a root and user account again just follow the instructions but make sure you remember the passwords you enter for these accounts. Any normal work you do will be carried out using the user account and any admin work such as adding software will use the root account, this is partly why linux is more secure. All of this will be done using a decent looking graphic interface.

A good source of help & info for installing Suse is:http://www.suseforums.net/index.php?&&CODE=autologin&fromreg=1
you just need to register & ask.

If you go for Suse and get into trouble email me, check out my member info for mail address.