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Solar Dish Power

solar dish power
solar dish power
Carbon emissions from households?

Hey, I'm looking for the effect of a green house would have on the environment, and I need some answers. The percentages are high. How much gas (or what percentage of gas) could save by using energy solar-opposition to conventional micro-hydro with a return? -Use energy saving light bulbs? -Using natural light during the day? -Using a fire and warm clothing instead of a gas furnace? And how much water register with – a water tank? -A shower water efficient? Sensor basins? -Front Load Washer? Gray water for washing etc? thank you soo much = D

I know that under your kitchen sink is a ton more worse than to go down your driveway to the grocery store. Our air inside our homes are 70x worse than the outside. It is a very serious situation. The chemicals seep through containers plastic cleaning fluids and other. So all products like this should be replaced. The effects of your home environmentally friendly without reducing toxins your risk of cancer later in life.

Ohio Solar Power

ohio solar power
ohio solar power
Is northern Ohio a good place to use solar energy and wind?

My family think of using a panel Solar and wind to power our house. Do you think it would work well in northern Ohio?

Katie, I am a meteorologist of the wind resource, so I hope I can give you an idea. For wind, it depends exactly where you live in northern Ohio. If you live in an urban area, it is advisable not to waste your time or money. Northwestern Ohio is quite a good location for the feasibility of wind, and any area right along the lake. Right along the Palestinian border, the wind increases again with an increase in the topography. Areas in the central part of the northern half of Ohio is pretty poor for wind power availability. As for solar energy, it would certainly work, but it would probably not be as profitable as a wind turbine, depending on your exact location. If you are willing to pay money further to adopt solar energy, so go ahead, northern Ohio gets about as much solar energy entering as New York and Boston. You can refer to: http://firstlook.3tiergroup.com/, and he will give a first class look both wind and solar resources in Google Maps window.

Gov Solar Power

gov solar power
How much is producing 10% of schools solar power?

Why not adapt a school with solar energy produce about 10% of its electricity. and pay that savings Gobo until paid at the time from that point of recovery of the savings of the budget goes to schools. I think most schools would have to return sooner than the ten-year relationship. mainly due to 5 days a week and many schools still are not doing all year.

Why not natural sunlight into direct current through reflection "Solar Tube" and devices glass and plastic "light pipes" zero energy maintenance and the "government" could be used to manufacture soldiers instead of sending to be blown … KILLINGRY LIVINGRY instead of … Read BF Fuller

Cons Solar Power

cons solar power
cons solar power
Hurry! Congratulations to all correct!?

what r the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy! hello hot button?? What does that mean! Drop Dead Hannah person thats not the answer uve been reported!

Advantages: People do not buy energy and no blackout periods for people who have them. Cons: Really Expensive, unreliable

Solar Energy Cons

Rv Solar Power

rv solar power
"I can use regular electrical appliances instead of RV?

I will be the conversion of an old school bus in a vehicle RV type for my family and I traveled to in I'm trying to keep costs down as much as possible, and have found that the devices are a bit expensive RV. Can anyone (Especially someone with the RV experience, please) tell me whether or not I can buy normal household appliances (stove, refrigerator, etc) instead of RV appliances. If I do that there any liability, etc? Also, I will most likely be through a combination of solar and wind power as my main source of energy – Would not have any additional information you need to know?

The biggest drawback to using the appliances in their converted school bus is are not designed to be operated in the energy sources available to you while driving …. This is 12V DC, or propane. Refrigerators RV are typically "dual fuel" switches that can run equally well on LP gas or 12 V DC. Their average household refrigerator's electricity needs 120 V AC, so it would not be able to use it on the road. Household refrigerators also have cooling coils that can accommodate up to vibrations generated in an RV, as it is traveling down the road. You could use a gas stove on the bus, but would have to convert natural gas to propane. A range of homes that take up much space in the kitchen relatively small RV. I would suggest using 2 or 3 burner gas stove and a microwave 12V for your needs cooking.