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Earthquakes Solar Flares

earthquakes solar flares
earthquakes solar flares
someone else begins to believe the theory of 2012?

I mean the first earthquake in Haiti, and the earthquake in Chile, and the flooding of Nashville (I think), then the oil spill (which is to destroy the earth), then flares Solar, at first I do not think the theory, but today all these disasters happen and I'm shitting bricks!

Y2K was a real problem, but not catastrophic. Any device that would have been serious mistakes after 2000 was either patched or discarded. 2012 is not a disaster, but it's always fun to talk. The earthquake in Haiti and the BP oil spill has nothing to do with each other. Tremors land occur all the time. An oil spill is bound to spend some time. The world is a great disaster all the time, and 2012 is no more special year. For Cassandra of global warming, do not worry. You will probably be long dead before global warming strike force. For the people delight, do not worry. People have predicted the rapture for centuries now. They were wrong every time.

Earthquakes, Solar Flares and Radar Anomolies (4th April 2011)

Nasa Solar Flares

nasa solar flares
nasa solar flares
Is it just a foreshadowing of what is to come?

Zombie Satellite astronomical causes http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/93656/zombie-satellite-causes-astronomical-buzz Buzz The consensus is that "a solar flare probably fried his brain." Scientists have warned that there will be a cycle of solar storms massive and monstrous solar flares between 2010 and 2012 and they say that the radiation bursts of solar activity could be strong enough to interrupt satellite communications, wreaking havoc on the GPS signals, electric power outages cause and the cause of cell phone and radio communication failures. Is this the fate of the satellite so called zombie omen of worse things to come soon? Talks about the NASA solar storm in 2010-2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sXfUHjXXLk

You know it very well could be. Im not worried about the grid because all IM solar energy. Regarding the phone laptop i abandoned mine long ago, because that's all that damn thing was not even ring Wile I was sitting on the pot lol. No peace, so that never for me with a cell phone. I wonder how people would do without all there gadgets

Stare at the Sun: New NASA close-up images of solar flares released

Monitoring Solar Flares

monitoring solar flares

About GPS portable navigation

A portable GPS device is accurate that uses a GPS signal from several satellites to determine a location on Earth. Commercial portable GPS devices can focus less than 30 meters, while the devices used by military personnel are able to locate the nearest 5 meters. Over the last 10 years, sales of portable versions worldwide have increased by over 350 percent.

? Function
GPS, which means Global Positioning System, based on the global system satellite navigation. This network of 32 satellites in medium earth orbit can send microwave signals to any Earth-based GPS receiver. These satellites can determine the location, time and speed of each receiver. Many portable GPS devices are also capable of giving directions.

? Types
Companies like Magellan Navigation, Garmin and Trimble Navigation offers portable GPS from $ 100 to $ 900. Most handheld devices using display screens and are equipped with up to 20 channels with each channel being able to link with another satellite. Dear models often come with color screens, NMEA 0183 outputs, temperature and barometric pressure and card readers. Magellan and Trimble make portable devices that are great for surveying and navigation. Features Garmin GPS navigation software for laptops and handheld GPS sized receivers that include Bluetooth FM transmitters.

Importance ?
Military issues American Portable GPS with many of his commanders and soldiers. The two deputy commanders of the digital and the digital soldier Wizard can help find targets uncharted territory elsewhere. Commanders often use GPS to organize movements of troops and supplies. These portable devices are also used to find military personnel who are unaccounted for and does not respond.

Benefits ?
The advantages of having a portable GPS receiver are many. The sailors, pilots, hikers, fishermen and hunters use these devices to keep track of their exact location and avoid areas that It can be dangerous. Truck drivers and delivery companies have reported an increase in productivity after instituting the use Portable GPS devices. In addition, the convenience factor will never be lost is enough for many people to buy these devices.

Considerations ?
GPS receivers can cause interference nature. The electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere may desensitize GPS signals. Solar flares can cause interference with GPS through much of the planet. The north and south poles are often geomagnetic storms major, which can cause problems with the satellite signals. In addition, if a satellite fails, a GPS may be unnecessary as a matter of days.

For information on GPS navigation, please click here .

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monitoring solar flares
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