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Car Solar Fan

car solar fan
"Auto cool solar powered car Fan" Question for dogs?

http://www.progalu.com/453-auto-cool-solar-powered-car-fan Does anyone have any experience with this product? If so, do they really keep the car cooler than if they were to have the windows open? I'm asking this as I travel frequently with my dogs, and there will be times where I have to go to a store for 10-15 minutes. Not long, but I want to make sure they are comfortable in the car. I was thinking of buying two of these and then string a bunch of cold-packs together and keep them in a refrigerator until it lay on the seat when I go in inside.

Of the 76 reviews from amazon.com, 59 only gave a star! http://www.amazon.com/Auto-Solar-2dPowered-Ventilation-System-Black/product-reviews/B000QGGY9E/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 Even among those who gave him four stars, says that to work properly, the car must have installed a sunshade on the windshield! I have a puppy buyer that you have installed really high quality umbrellas in the windows of the car except the windshield as I remember, and with the door open to start, if you go somewhere for a visit, easily can leave their dogs in the car for hours and I know first hand that your car is actually less than warm temperature. So my advice is to first install parasols good at least in all the windows back and see how much you think it helps, before bothering with the purchase of something like this.

Solar Camping Fan

solar camping fan
The best materials of the 3D solar system out there?

I'm trying to make some sort of event system solar park or walking as a large solar project for a camp, to discuss the problems of the trip to Mars or Europa. I was going to make a model with paper mache balloons, but then I found a section beach in my region is also available for a field trip. So it is now possible to make the Earth large enough to view features geographic (ie, rivers, cities, ie, using a balloon in the classroom.) Previously declined to consider only 1 cm of marble of Earth. So with the new space and the possibility of videoing, it becomes cold. However, a new problem – how to represent the Sun? I prefer an inflatable plastic ball any type, maybe that can be maintained inflated with a small fan if necessary. Anyone know how I can get these things done or all that do these things now? Although only a manufacturer of custom screens would be nice.

I have done this several times and is a really great way for people to understand how large and empty space. The last time I did I used a basket ball 10 inches for the Sun and a 10.01 inch pin head 89 feet away from Earth. To use a 10-inch globe to Tierra del Sol will have to be 91 feet in diameter and nearly 2 miles away. Size 91 feet is the largest hot air balloon I think. If really want to do that you can find some hot air balloon ride company and organize a captive flight on the beach. See the source to calculate the sizes and distances for any scale you want.

Fan Solar Powered

fan solar powered
fan solar powered
Where to buy a mini-solar fan motor?

It must be small, AND THERE solar energy. This is a scientific project and I really need it before Monday !!!!!!!! ideas !??????????????

Do you have a Science Museum near you?

Converting a battery powered fan to a Solar Powered Fan

Marine Solar Fan

marine solar fan

Consumer Electronics Q&A

Another “DJ Equipment Set Up” Question.?
A few things. First, I need you to confirm this set up. Tell me if its wrong. Turntable connected to mixer, mixer connected to computer. I am going to be using my computer speakers to hear things. No big fancy hundred dollar pro speakers. But Is that set up right? Second, how do i know if the mixer have a preamp? I am buying from the internet so there is no actual checking it out first. Third, is it possible to connect the turntable straight to the computer? No mixer, no preamp? Just if you requirement to know, I am going to be using the turntable for scratching. Not basically for listening to antediluvian records. I want to become a DJ!

Any actual trick to recharge non rechargable bateries AA?
That can be done at home

Any instrument to return with ringtones on phone next to usb cord?
i have the voyager and i own the ringer on my computer and a usb cord i dont want to pay verizon 5 bucks for a ringer so is in attendance anyway to the get the ringer bad my computer with the usb cord so it can be a ringtone

Any Place/Site Where I can buy a Portable Keyboard Piano?
I need a small upright piano that can fit into a backpack that has 49 key . Or Around that? REALLY Need one! ebay! Shopping! someone sell me it ! I dont caution! No Kiddy ones. More like a professional stratum.

Any recommendation on chargers, or solar powered chargers?
In the summer I am going to Ghana to work as a volunteer. Obviously electricity will be limited, so I want some manner of charger to charge up my phone, ipod and digital camera. I need one which wont entail to keep anyone topped up by the mains, and give sufficient charge, and also under 30! There are so copious mixed reviews on amozon. Does anyone have any recommendation from their experiance?! thankyou x

Any WIFI device that can examine video?
I need any style of hand held portable device that can keep under surveillance internet videos and can surf the pattern fast, and appropriate, under $ 200 and would close to it to be a non-cell phone

Anybody own see a FAN which runs short Electricity…Without freestyle….?
Just came across…a concept… Is within any product with following cocept… If a hanger-on is running…there is a rotating….in attendance is an energy.. I Just considered necessary convert that energy to electricity form and run the enthusiast with that….It’s approaching looping….But initially we need torque to run the disciple…that should be manually gererated…

Anyone else be ‘done’ by Orange mobiles?
Signed new contract surrounded by January 15th with constant promises that said ipod would arrive inside 28 days, on calling back it be then changed to 28 working days, afterwards over 28 days. Now being told i wasnt due it within the first place, even though this was somewhat why i went near this new contract. Im furious!! While speaking near Orange on one of the several phone calls i enjoy made, i could hear another advisor telling another guest that they wouldnt be receiving their ipod any. I feel cheated. Is in attendance anything i can do about it?

Anyone else disgust their AT&T U-verse service?
I have lone had it a few months, and my service keep freezing, at least 3 times a time for several minutes at a time. Is it just me, or does anyone else enjoy this problem?

Anyone have a discouraging or apt experience??
We just started this website and want your opinion on anything good or bleak! www.ratinghq.com

Anyone hear of an Atlantic Mariner see? individual askd to buy as a prezzie 21st how much?
chrono what does that mean help out v. thick 50+ entity!!

Anyone know of a mobile charger…?
like the ones that you can charge your cell phone near “AA” batteries : http://www.radioshack.com/product/index…. They are wireless and charge your phone sour of 2 “AA” batteries. ONLY I NEED ONE THAT WORKS FOR MY PORTABLE DVD PLAYER! 15 hour plane ride beside an active toddler and desperately want to keep him somewhat entertain.

Anyone know what this little card and adapter is?? SAMSUNG G600?
I got my latest phone today, I got it rotten the internet so didnt know what it came beside. Theirs a ‘Micro SD’ by Sandisk and an adapter for this which looks the same size as a digital camera memory card. Is it for positive photos onto the card from the phone, enabling you to put them onto a digital camera? Or is it something completely different. Theirs nil with them what explains it. THANKYOU! X

Anyone know where on earth i can find a theremin?
I live in Ireland. Does anybody know where on earth i can buy a theremin (or theremin kit) either contained by the country or online? thanx

Anyone Knows in the region of FTA Satellites and Recievers to survey TV?
I really want to get these channel: http://www.lyngsat.com/amazonas.html or these ones: http://www.lyngsat.com/dtv7s.html but I don’t know how. I have a pansat 3500SD and the dish. Is it possible to get hold of those channels? Anyone know? I live contained by British Columbia, Canada.

Anyone no where on earth i can buy a remote control headset for a bait boat im building requests to be 40mhz/4chanl?
in the uk with the sole purpose got to be a zealous price,any help on this one would be handy.

can someone please tell me the plus and disadvantages of an IPHONE? i was thinking i’m going to buy one. appreciation a lot!

Are 24 inch Samsung montiors available within India ?
Cause samsung website displays monitors upto 22 inch

Are adjectives battery duplicate outside the US?
I’m not a huge traveler, but I know that when I travel to Europe I need to get hold of an adapter or voltage converter. I’ve never actually tried to buy battery. I just bought something for my sister that requires standard AA battery. I just want to engineer sure that they’ll be readily available surrounded by S. Korea. I assume they are, but figured it be worth asking.

Are at hand extension cords that plug into a two prong outlet and convert into a three prong?
My house is pretty old, so adjectives I have are two prong outlets. My guitar amp have a three-prong cord, so I need some type of converter.

Are ATMs 24 hours and do you know any electronic store sympathetic at 12 pm?
lol i need a fresh memory stick

Are battery best kept surrounded by the refrigerator?
I’ve heard that for years, but I be wondering if it really makes that much of a difference. :)

Are CDs bought within England or Europe surrounded by common unqualified to work on american stereos/computers or doesn`t matter what?
just asking impose i know DVDs won’t work. thanks!

Are Cd’s close to Videos formerly them a motionless technology?
I’ve been reading that the Dutch auction of Cds has fall drastically, Over the past few years, will they step the same method as Videos? Thanks for your help :)

Are dvds going to be approaching ancient vhs already?
like i should solitary buy blu-ray discs and a blu ray disc player very soon??

Are in that DVD players that are set up for regions 1 and 2? Meaning they can play dvd’s from Europe and USA
If so which are they? Thank you

Are laser pointers of class 3B legally recognized surrounded by the United States?
I wanted to purchase one online for stargazing.

Are metal detectors doomed to failure for ipods, laptops and/or other gadget?
There’s a persistent urban fable (or rumor) that goes around roughly letting certain electronic gadget go through metal detectors. It is said that your laptop or iPod will short-circuit, or run through abnormal operation if you let a hand-held or free-standing metal detector outdo over or through it. Is this true? Does something bad occur to any of these electronic gadgets surpass through these security check points within the airports or malls?

Are nearby any commercial laser pointers that hold a distinct truss minus powder or deodorant?
I really want a laser that has a grin you can see. Is there even such point?

Are nearby any cool tentative french inventions (like after 2000)?
I’m doing a French project that compares technology in the usa to the ones contained by france and its hard for me to find the french inventions because my sources are american (time magazine, ect). My google search arent helping either. Please assistance!

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