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Solar Collector Panels

solar collector panels
solar collector panels
How much should solar hot water and the cost of radiant heat in Maryland, USA?

I get quotes for replacing our water heater. So far, I got 22K for materials and installation of a solar water heater (collector panels 3-4) with heat rejection and only open area of ??direct heating by radiation from a floor (accessible from below ceiling). Both quotes include a backup heating hot water, the cost would be to install a new auxiliary heating with high efficiency by converting our tank propane used for heating. It would be the Polaris or 2 Jrs Takagi, for a solar hot water and another to power the radiant heating. Another quote is for only 12K for solar hot water and heat rejection system using the Velux. Is it really high? I have already contacted 3 companies, but it does not look like too many people are installing them in Maryland again. I'm still waiting on a quote from a company final. Thank you!

Without information on the size of the footprint of the house is, and how many hot water (DHW) is, it is difficult to say. You said you got an estimate for 3 -4 sensors, so I'll make some assumptions on that basis. Four collectors 4'x8 '= 128 square feet of sensors. A general rule for solar heating is one of the sensors for each m² -10 5 square feet of house footprint (depending on heat storage, heat loss in the house, climate, etc.). So if we say 1200 sqm house, from 1200 to 1210 = 120 128 m² of solar might work (again, depending on variables above). According to the brand, each sensor plan could cost about $ 1,000, so $ 4000 for the four collectors (evacuated tubes cost more). You then need a controller, a storage tank, pumps, heat exchangers, and all the copper pipes and accessories. Then a couple of days for a plumber to install. $ 12,000 installed appears on the right, without heating. Here is a heating system that costs just for the remarkable team, water heaters gas demand as do large Bosch AquaStar backup heater for solar http://www.houseneeds.com/shop/HeatingProducts/WaterHeating/AquaStar1/aquastar1600psmain.asp. I do not know what size you need.

Flat-plate Solar Collector

flat-plate solar collector
What is the average efficiency of solar flat plate collector?

In general, efficiency is measured in the ability to turn next light energy into electrical energy. Very expensive panels can be up to 40% efficiency. But the newer ones are less than 20% efficiency (and still is good). It depends on the model. You can find some value if you go to buy solar panels. A panel of 10% efficiency is still a good purchase. If you do not have much space, then shoot for more than 5%.

Solar Collector Angle

solar collector angle
solar collector angle
Questions about the collection Easy Solar, 10 pts!?

For a non-tracking solar collector, an inclination angle of 0 degrees (horizontal) would be the optimum for the whole year of solar equator. Why angles below 10 degrees never used in practice?

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