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Solar Collector Plans

solar collector plans
solar collector plans
If I install solar panels on a pc 50K roof N. California (CUST EMP.), How can I sell the power?

I tenants commercial and I think I can generate more than they use. I decided to replace the building wiring and install individual meters. Furthermore, I intend to replace the roof. Is there a good roof solar material that serves as the roof and the energy collector Solar?

Most likely, you will be put in place an agreement with the utility to install a meter to the grid-tie, which can control the power you put together to take in. For a roofing material, they just recently released roofed sun. Here's an example: http://www.premierpower.com/solar_energy_residential/roof_solar_tile.php I do not think they produce as much electricity as other panels, because they are limited in their orientation to the sun. That may be ok for you, although since the savings from the roof can be installed up to that.

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