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Solar Collector Efficiency

solar collector efficiency

Make a collection A DIY Solar

A solar DIY can turn solar energy into heat energy.

Energy heat from the heat, and should not be confused with electrical energy from a solar panel. A solar panel converts energy sunlight into electricity, while a solar collector absorbs solar radiation simply and uses it to create heat.

Simple collector of do-it-yourself solar can be made from a typical pressed steel radiator central heating. It's not expensive, and can even be purchased hand.

If you use a second hand radiator panel, make sure you remove the paint from the front surface and initiates a new request. Size will not matter, but you should consider keeping it close to a square meter or less. Keep in mind that you will install the sensor solar on your roof, and anything bigger will result in the difficulty of handling.

Once you have selected your panel radiator, Next step is to build a case for it. It is recommended that you assemble the case in its final position, to make your job easier. Then, it will not needed to hoist up the entire solar collector on the roof after it was built.

The case is just a simple box with a glass cover, made of glass 3 mm which is generally used for windows. The glass must be purchased after having assembled the box. Measure the case and buy the glass already cut to size. Make sure you leave at least a 2mm gap around the glass, to allow its expansion. The cover glass must be suspended on the lower edge of the case, at least 12mm. This will keep rainwater from entering the panel.

Make your DIY water solar collector to the test and keeping it dry is not necessarily an easy task. You can prevent rainwater penetrate, but over time, internal condensation can occur. You can avoid this by inserting breathing holes of 5 mm along the underside of box.

Insulation must be placed behind the collector, because the internal temperature can reach 140 degrees Celsius. Avoid using cheap types of insulation such as polystyrene, because they tend to shrink or melt. To limit air circulation, make sure there are no gaps between the panel and insulation.

This collector solar house should be cheaper than others available on the market. The thermal efficiency of a heat radiator is quite comparable with the solar business. If Looking for an inexpensive way to heat your water, this will be one of your options.

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solar collector efficiency
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