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Software Solar System

software solar system
software solar system
stability of the solar system – serious answers please!?

I'm looking for a flexible software nice that simulates the dynamics of the solar system – I should be able to place the planets in different orbits, define the disturbance of their orbital radius, define the initial conditions, etc., and want to observe phenomena satbility or instability. All free wares or links?

I do not think that's exactly what you wanted, but it may be a start: http://www.shatters.net/celestia/

Command Solaris Version

command solaris version
command solaris version
Can anyone let me know if I loaded correctly Solaris 10 (based on how it looks)?

I just load up Solaris 10 on x86 last night … I think it loaded properly, but it seems that the "pigeon" version of Windows 95. Is this normal? I guess I am expecting something flashy … I am accustomed to XP, Vista, Knoppix, and OS X (damn!! I'm a fucking nerd!). The Java Enterprise Desktop a little more advanced and smooth, but the graphics of the ordinary desktop Solaris are a little lo-res (slightly grainy ?)… not in some kind of video card broken pass … more in a "I'm in second year and color with crayons the size of a horses leg" kind of way … If this is normal, it is OK because until this point, I used the command line … I just want to make sure there is not something that is running (like "button ugly" or "button 1992") and off (such as, "the super, killer, totally rad for graphics Max Record button that kicks @ ss ")… Any help or bad comments are greatly appreciated mouth … do not break my glasses!

These people might be able to help you .. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/ Or give this yahoo tech. group … http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Computer_Help_and_Discussion/ Both gave me great help. I hope this helps you. Good Luck!

Securely Delete Files in Ubuntu.

5th Solar House

5th solar house
5th solar house
is connecting a 110W solar panel to my house will be beneficial?

I found a solar panel on eBay and thought its pretty cheap, eBay typical. The only thing is I have no idea if there is a point in it, im terrible with electrical equipment, but willing to invest in some renewable, green technologies. Heres some info if it helps: # Maximum power: 110 watts peak power # Voltage at maximum power:> 32 V. # Rated Current: 3.35 A. Open circuit voltage #:> V # 40 Short circuit current: 3.80 A. # Tolerance: -5% / +5%

BAD IDEA. is 32 volts. your house is 110. it's not going to work. you burn it. but it probably will not catch fire. maybe. I do find it interesting that is 110 watts. dollars to donuts that aims to mislead people with 110 volts. They are very different. but obviously not all the world remembers.

5th Annual SANDEE Award Winner: Jim Ferguson

Backup Solaris 10

backup solaris 10
backup solaris 10
How can you make a complete backup of a Solaris 10 system to an FTP server or a remote computer?

Hello, I'm doing everything to save a Solaris system. I would like to save the system or an FTP server or a remote computer, but I have not found much of what I like or that is straight ahead. Can you help me? All ideas are welcome. Thank you

Could you make an iso. Using backup windows, or some other backup utility, then download the iso file. On the FTP server or a remote computer?