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Solar Pannels Kits

solar pannels kits
solar pannels kits
Solar energy companies in Miami, FL, Please HELP!?

Well it's simple my energy bill is killing me and I made my decision, I AM GOING SOLAR! I am looking for a solar energy company in Miami, Florida selling panels, batteries, cables, the whole kit. It would be great if they export worldwide. I was also wondering if there is a table as if your home is what you need this large panels of many things. Thank you for your help. Uhhhm hello? I did not ask for reasons not to buy solar but where I can buy just answer the question or not! I live where it's almost a Mircal if we see some rain, at least one day a year OK! We did not even winter and 32 Celsius degreasing every day!

The guy has a point above, you must also invest in units of energy, light bulbs, refrigeration, A / C, 100% of everything you use. On the positive side of this easy to do. Here some links to help you. All these links can help you in some way or another. First get the meter, see the link, get rid All your phantom electrical loads. Tip, do your hors allows all switchable, so when you leave the room, a medal from the switch to turn All the things off.

Residential Solar Kits

residential solar kits
residential solar kits
Looking for wind and solar power kits that are under $ 12,000.?

My class is looking for energy engineering Wind and solar kits to the residency system in Washington State. Our budget is $ 12,000. We need a whole kit. And should generate at least 1000 watts.

A typical home needs a 2000 or 3000 Watt (2 or 3 kW) solar power unit. To power your toaster will require 1000 Watts. To power your hair dryer, it should perhaps be from 1500 to 1800 Watts. A microwave could be from 800 to 1500 Watts. If you choose a 1000 Watt system, you may have to walk around with wet hair and cold sandwiches. The price of a unit of 2 or 3 kW complete worth approximately 20,000 to $ 30,000 installed. Or about $ 10 per watt (or about $ 10,000 for 1000 watts or 1 kW). With discounts utility / Buydown / incentives, you can get the cost to $ 8 to $ 9 per watt. So you might be able to install a 1000 watt system for $ 12,000, but not sure – it could be close. The main reasons are: 1) The solar unit will work well for 6 or 8 hours a day — but when the sun goes down, your power is zero. So to make it effective, you need batteries. It would take several batteries at about $ 100 each to store energy during the day, you will be able to night. Absolutely necessary for an autonomous system if you need power at night. These batteries have an expected Life maybe 5 years or less. They will need to replace in 5 years. 2) The solar plant will provide 12 volts DC. Your home uses 120 volts to run your microwave and toaster and television. Therefore – you'll need an expensive electronic piece called an inverter. It converts 12 volt DC to 120 volts CA. This adds to your budget, and it is expensive. And it is electronic – it will fail at some point. Sometimes it lasts 5, 6 or 8 years – and needs replaced – At considerable cost. Your opinion on "wind power" are even bleaker. Similar issues as solar energy. It works when the wind blows at least 7 mph. If the wind is not strong enough, you get no power. And to think — a hot summer day is not too hot when the wind blows. But on that hot summer days — it is "very hot" because there no wind. Warm days have little or no wind blowing or they would be a "hot day". means a hot day — no fan or without A / C. The budget of $ 12,000 might install a 1 kilowatt solar unit, but it would give up a hair dryer and microwave, electric oven, dryer. Unless you're in a candlelight dinner with cold sandwiches, a more realistic solution would cost approximately $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 for a unit of 2 or 3 kW solar with battery backup.

Outside Solar Fountains

outside solar fountains
I have a 40 gallon tank. Please help with the fish pump and ideas. There is no electricity available. As for solar energy.?

I started my first pond. It is the smallest I could find, preformed 40 gallons of Home Depot. I have 1) Water Garden Pond Water Centella easy Pantano Plant 1) Torrey RUSH Aquatic Plant Pond swamp I thought this would help with oxygen, but I was wrong. This stupid old man in Walmart sold me two koi fish after being told it was a small tank with no pump. They died within 24 hours and my 3 year old is devastated. My husband doesn't want to electricity to run out and I ordered a solar fountain should be here next week. I just want to know what to do and how to go about buying some fish that will not die. I found battery air pumps, but they say they are for situations backup emergency power interruption. Any suggestions? Also what kind of chemicals I have to balance the water? Thanks for any advice for a bit of research I found that the People say goldfish can live in a bowl then that means they can live in a pond without pump ?????

oxygenators plants are not effective … need anacharis or hornwort, or other plants that plunges. Also, if the pond is small, not big fish, the blame is that old! if you live in the tropics, get viviparous, which are very resistant and requires no air pump, if there are no plants and do not crowd. and basically, goldfish and koi are related so if the toughest koi can not live there, so will the most vulnerable goldfish …

Solar Companies

solar companies
What companies are the vanguard of solar, wind and biodiesel industries?

Do you know that companies show that the most promising in these emerging fields? Thanks for any guidance.

I guess it depends on whether you are talking about the manufacturer or sale, installation side. We use technology Schueco: http://www.schueco.com/web/us/start/home Very impressive! We have a good white paper on our web site describing the various solar technologies: http://www.moonworkshome.com/home-improvement-resources/Residential-Solar-Technology-Made-Simple/