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Software Solar System

software solar system
software solar system
stability of the solar system – serious answers please!?

I'm looking for a flexible software nice that simulates the dynamics of the solar system – I should be able to place the planets in different orbits, define the disturbance of their orbital radius, define the initial conditions, etc., and want to observe phenomena satbility or instability. All free wares or links?

I do not think that's exactly what you wanted, but it may be a start: http://www.shatters.net/celestia/

Bug Solar Lights

bug solar lights
How I can improve this platform?

Need help from a new light cover is centered around the blue eyes white dragon. So far I have: Monster: three blue eyes white dragon blue eyes final 3 Disciple of the forbidden spell men eating insect a Spirit of the Harp 3 Kaiser Sea Dragon 1 Horse Forgiving Maiden Felgrand 1 3 Homunculus the Alchemic be a Magna Slash Dragon 1 Element Dragon 1 Kaibaman a Mystical Elf a Herald of Creation 1 The Creator 1 Creator incarnated the soul of a purity and a light Guardian Angel Joan Spell: 1 Foolish Burial 1 Swords of revealing light soul exchange 1 a change of heart a scapegoat a heavy storm a bright spark 1 Rush Recklessly a monster Reborn polymerization trap a Dragon's Mirror: 1 A Rival Appears two rays Threatening roar

Raigeki, Stray Lambs Raigeki break, the mirror force, magic cylinder, Elf Robbin ', and perhaps a magician of faith I can help

Radio Solaris

radio solaris
radio solaris
It is for programmers Solaris?

I had a problem with a subnet mask of NIC on a Sunfire V220. Computer acts as a node of a radio system TETRA. We have two nodes, one on the network and the other in an IP address Static, non-routed network. Each node has its own set of devices that must be kept logically distinct, but the nodes have to talk to each other. The is the 172.16.4 172.16.5 node and is the secondary node. The secondary node to close almost every day, and when it restarts, eri0 ( comes with a class "C". I have to go to a "B" each time with ifconfig. To resolve this problem, I VI'ed etc / netmasks and changed to Is this a permanent cause it to start as a class "B", or should I do something else? I also wanted to make sure I do not cause other problems on the line. As you probably guessed, I do not normally work with Solaris, but this is the system I am now responsible, and I'm trying to make it work properly.

That sounds like a reasonable answer to me but you should ask the experts on Solaris. There are many forums for Solaris, but individuals "Solaris" is CFN: http://www.opensolaris.org/jive/forum.jspa?forumID=3

Is Solaris Free

is solaris free
Open Solaris with No Network Drivers GCC compiler and not help …!?

I installed OpenSolaris on my Gateway laptop, I am using the internal Broadcom 4306 wireless card and the VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter. None of these network cards are out of the box support for Solaris, so I tried to build the ndiswrapper for Broadcom drivers, but apparently the GCC compiler dev is not installed on OpenSolaris either. The only way I can get the package is to connect to online repository, but I can not be online until you have the compiler … catch 22. I downloaded the GCC compiler package and put it on a flash drive, but for the life of me I can not find a way to install it. I am new to UNIX, so if anyone has a step by step would be greatly appreciated. If it is too long to post here, please feel free to email. Thanks!

Why not go out and buy a cheap NIC that supported and forget to use the NDIS wrapper cwap. In all my experience with NDIS, not worth it. I have a cheap Netgear Wireless for $ 10 (using the wrong driver) and I have an Avaya PCMCIA card on my laptop Using the controller pcwl. Both work flawlessly. Realtek 10/100 cards are also good and really cheap to boot. On Solaris 10, I had to install packages drivers, but if you're using Open Solaris, it should be good to go as is. Step by Step Guide, hhhrmmm. Good for the wireless look wificonfig or under Open Solaris also you can look into nwam: # SVCS-one nwam | grep On cable, look in ifconfig. After installing the card, will not appear until the plumb it. You can look through your dmesg to see its name (based on the driver name and number one, as malo0) Do not forget the following files should be added / Modified (depending on how you choose to do things): / etc / hostname.interface / etc / resolv.conf / etc / defaultrouter / etc / inet / hosts copy / etc / Nsswitch.dns / etc / nsswitch.conf Good luck and if you need more help, let me know.

Opensolaris Solaris

opensolaris solaris
opensolaris solaris

Open storage means "good enough"?

My colleague asked me to attend an information session Roundtable Sun Microsystems office in Hong Kong, December 3. After working for a storage vendor me years in the role of marketing not At least I'm learned how to launder the tales to the point where they are sitting between science fiction and magic. And that identification is what is equally difficult.

Sun Open Storage strategy promises to significantly drive down the cost of the current generation of proprietary storage solutions vendors such as HP, IBM, EMC, Fujitsu, Dell, HDS and the sun (yes, Sun also offers owners) by (1) using commodity components when possible, and (2) giving away a lot of basic software which is intelligence behind the expensive storage systems, but owners, Sun expects firms to consider the potential benefits of the acquisition cost less brings open source storage.

Storage homecoming

Most companies and storage systems use proprietary midrange Software – Embedded Hardware and complementary software to adhere to a level of service. Although some hardware components are roughly the same – hard drives, Fan frame or chassis – the software is what gives each storage system's unique personality. This "personality" gives you five 9s or auto-failover or ability to call home when the device thinks his patients and other fancy features called.

The Open Storage strategy promise and opposition

The Open Storage strategy says you not need to purchase expensive components. You can purchase the commodity components and build a storage system with Open Solaris (in the case of Sun) as the basic intelligence to provide many of the features found in proprietary solutions?

The caveat? From a technical standpoint, the performance may be slightly compromised. That's why marketing Sun Storage is having trouble finding reports appropriate third reference to support their claims of better performance. They may be able to claim better price but the performance is a another question.

Sun is saying that you can build your own system of storage hardware and the sun shines on OpenSolaris (which includes many functions for storage management) and you have a smart storage system on your hands? I raised this hypothetical scenario for the guys Marketing Sun during the press conference?

Supposedly I bought the Sun Open Storage Base – the supply of 7110 – but instead of buying all disks in Sun, I chose to buy from Sun only two of 14 discs that come with the box. Can I go to the mall computer Local and buy 12 discs comparable – specifications identical to those supplied with the box. What happens to the warranty on the Sun solution? Most vendors do not allow you to buy parts for their storage systems channel owner unauthorized. That automatically voids the warranty.

On a side note the way back, before EMC launched its new family of DMX storage systems around the time when HDS launched their systems storage architecture using a new voltage, EMC has changed tactics to better performance "good enough". As a Sun rely on the same campaign strategy. All businesses need five 9s. Not everyone will need super fast, super technology. Many companies can live with "sufficient good. And certainly in this context sun might be able to win customers on their side – those who are adventurous and have no regulatory or Competition to breathe through their throat.

* Just a casual observation. The vendors like to use code names for new projects. Most of the time the code names never go out of the shadows and are replaced by the names of appropriate products. But recently, some suppliers have begun to publicize the code names for their new products. I was told that Hiwashi Part Fugu and Toro kinds of fish now Japanese sushi culture.

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