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Command Solaris Version

command solaris version
command solaris version
Can anyone let me know if I loaded correctly Solaris 10 (based on how it looks)?

I just load up Solaris 10 on x86 last night … I think it loaded properly, but it seems that the "pigeon" version of Windows 95. Is this normal? I guess I am expecting something flashy … I am accustomed to XP, Vista, Knoppix, and OS X (damn!! I'm a fucking nerd!). The Java Enterprise Desktop a little more advanced and smooth, but the graphics of the ordinary desktop Solaris are a little lo-res (slightly grainy ?)… not in some kind of video card broken pass … more in a "I'm in second year and color with crayons the size of a horses leg" kind of way … If this is normal, it is OK because until this point, I used the command line … I just want to make sure there is not something that is running (like "button ugly" or "button 1992") and off (such as, "the super, killer, totally rad for graphics Max Record button that kicks @ ss ")… Any help or bad comments are greatly appreciated mouth … do not break my glasses!

These people might be able to help you .. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/ Or give this yahoo tech. group … http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Computer_Help_and_Discussion/ Both gave me great help. I hope this helps you. Good Luck!

Securely Delete Files in Ubuntu.

Radio Solaris

radio solaris
radio solaris
It is for programmers Solaris?

I had a problem with a subnet mask of NIC on a Sunfire V220. Computer acts as a node of a radio system TETRA. We have two nodes, one on the network and the other in an IP address Static, non-routed network. Each node has its own set of devices that must be kept logically distinct, but the nodes have to talk to each other. The is the 172.16.4 172.16.5 node and is the secondary node. The secondary node to close almost every day, and when it restarts, eri0 ( comes with a class "C". I have to go to a "B" each time with ifconfig. To resolve this problem, I VI'ed etc / netmasks and changed to Is this a permanent cause it to start as a class "B", or should I do something else? I also wanted to make sure I do not cause other problems on the line. As you probably guessed, I do not normally work with Solaris, but this is the system I am now responsible, and I'm trying to make it work properly.

That sounds like a reasonable answer to me but you should ask the experts on Solaris. There are many forums for Solaris, but individuals "Solaris" is CFN: http://www.opensolaris.org/jive/forum.jspa?forumID=3

Share Solaris Nfs

share solaris nfs

Increased productivity and security with Windows 2008 Hosting

The upgrade to Windows 2008 from Windows 2003 can provide a client hosting multiple benefits, including energy savings, improved remote access, enhanced security, and the ability to provide streaming media, and more complete disaster recovery, support multi-operating system, and the new administration tools.

Saving energy to offer better accommodation costs

A hosting company providing Windows 2008 will be able to offer a more power for less based on the reduced energy consumption. Tests show Windows Server 2008 uses less power than Windows Server 2003 when running on the same hardware at levels comparable throughput, achieving economies energy up to 10 percent. This is achieved in part through the political power management in Windows Server 2008 automatically reduces the level of performance during periods of reduced demand for CPU resources.

Disaster Recovery with Backup Enhanced Capabilities

Get faster backup technology and better disaster protection with Windows Server Backup in Windows 2008, using Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and backup technology at the block level. This new technology provides faster backup, restore simplified and recovery, the ability to recover applications, and improved programming, while maintaining support for backups manual. It also provides for the removal of backups offsite for disaster protection, remote administration, automatic management use disc, broad support command line, and support for optical media drives and removable media.

Increased security Installing a low profile with Server Core

If you have dedicated servers that are not managed through a GUI, or require greater security, the Server Core installation option may meet your needs. Installing Server Core is a minimal installation (1 GB disk) for Windows Server 2008 in which only the elements necessary for the specified server roles are set. This reduces software maintenance, management and the attack surface on the server. The Server Core installation provides an environment for server roles, including Active Directory Domain Services, Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services, DHCP Server, DNS Server, File Services, Print Server and Streaming Media Services. (Windows Server Backup is not available with Server Core installation.)

Communications with Rich Media Streaming Services

Streaming Media Services enable you deploy a Windows Media Server, a platform for broadcasting live and on demand digital media content over networks. If your company manages network resources to provide rich communications for learning, marketing and sales, Streaming Media Services can provide the platform you need to deliver the material effectively, robust, and affordable. Other uses include wireless broadband entertainment, internet broadcasting, secure audio and video, and IPTV high-quality local networks.

Improving access Remote and services through Terminal Services New feature

The upgrade from Windows 2003 to 2008 will improve all aspects of your remote access service using Terminal Services. Windows 2008 includes enhanced functionality for features core and Terminal Services RemoteApp, Web access, printing, licensing, and Gateway.

the Terminal Services base has been considerably improved by the addition of services such as Remote Desktop Connection, monitor cover, which displays a desktop session remotely on multiple monitors, and display data priorities to improve performance by providing display screen, keyboard and mouse data priority on the transfer of traffic such as printing or file.

RemoteApp and Web Access can be accessed from Windows programs from virtually anywhere thanks to a company that usually comes with a remote desktop client or a website.

Other improved Terminal Services include printing, licensing, and Gateway. Printing has been enhanced with the pilot Terminal Services Easy Print. This feature allows users to reliably print from a RemoteApp program or desktop session Terminal Server for the correct printer on their client computer. Simplifies License Client Access License (CAL) management and helps ensure that you do not buy more licenses than you need. Gateway enables users to connect to internal network resources on the Internet using a secure encrypted connection without the need to configure a VPN connection.

Functionality DNS, NFS services and PowerShell

Server DNS for Windows 2008 has been enhanced with several tools, including the loading area of the background to allow the DNS server to respond to requests while the Active Directory Services loading zones are in separate threads, and support for IPv6 addresses to support current and future DNS clients designed to take advantage of the benefits of IPv6 addressing.

Services for Network File System (NFS) to provide a solution for sharing files for mixtures Windows and UNIX environments. Support has been added to Active Directory lookup, support 64-bit, improved server performance, UNIX device Special (the mknod function) support and increased support UNIX, including Sun Microsystems Solaris version 9, Red Hat Linux 9, IBM AIX 5L version 5.2, and Hewlett Packard 11i version HP-UX.

Windows 2008 also added a new tool for system administrators called PowerShell. This command line shell and scripting language can help your company achieve greater productivity with more than 130 command-line tools to enable simplified management and automation.

Upgrading to Windows 2008 with infinite virtual hosting

If you want to learn more about how that Windows 2008 can upgrade your hosting service, call (866) 257-8455 or visit www.InfinitelyVirtual.com . We can show you how Windows 2008 can increase the security of servers, while improving the productivity of your business.

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Set Solaris Prompt

set solaris prompt

Log-in screen bug of Solaris Unix?

This is a problem that has been nagging me and barring me to get a server admin job. Please help me solve this. I have installed the latest version of Solaris Unix on a spare partition of about 70 GB on my hard drive. Installation ran smoothly, but when the OS has booted up to the log-in screen, it prompts me to type in my username and password, neither of which I have set up. I used ‘root’ as the username as per the guide, but still had no what the password would be. I tried various passwords, but not suprisingly none of them were accepted. It just returns a log-in error message and goes back to the username screen. I meant to post a question at forums.sun.com, but lor, their website takes me to http://forums.sun.com/invalidemail.jsp every time I press the post a new thread link. This is totally incomprehensible as my email address is alread y verified. I am between the devil and deep blue sea with my career hanging in the balance. Please help.

Thank you

If you’re talking about OpenSolaris, then according to
the reference below (Release Notes for Opensolaris), the
root account should be accessible as:

account: root
passwd: opensolaris

and there should be a non-root account:

account: jack
password: jack