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Bug Solar Lights

bug solar lights
How I can improve this platform?

Need help from a new light cover is centered around the blue eyes white dragon. So far I have: Monster: three blue eyes white dragon blue eyes final 3 Disciple of the forbidden spell men eating insect a Spirit of the Harp 3 Kaiser Sea Dragon 1 Horse Forgiving Maiden Felgrand 1 3 Homunculus the Alchemic be a Magna Slash Dragon 1 Element Dragon 1 Kaibaman a Mystical Elf a Herald of Creation 1 The Creator 1 Creator incarnated the soul of a purity and a light Guardian Angel Joan Spell: 1 Foolish Burial 1 Swords of revealing light soul exchange 1 a change of heart a scapegoat a heavy storm a bright spark 1 Rush Recklessly a monster Reborn polymerization trap a Dragon's Mirror: 1 A Rival Appears two rays Threatening roar

Raigeki, Stray Lambs Raigeki break, the mirror force, magic cylinder, Elf Robbin ', and perhaps a magician of faith I can help

Led Solar Cell

led solar cell
led solar cell
What simple measures do you reduce your electricity bill?

Home, for example. I use Spot lights LEDs that are powered by 2032 button batteries, light bulbs instead of high power. I use solar battery chargers for mp3 players, Palm Pilot, cell phones. I use a car charger for my car battery. While learning to Balence fluid, I can refurb the battery to harm environment. Or turn the battery and to pay the disposal fee. I also put all my "instant on" TV, VCR, and all the electronics on surge suppressors and switching off at 0 when not in use. I post to get new ideas others, and perhaps encourage them to use what I use. No politics here, just "What do you do to reduce your electricity bill?

Get TAP Attic Insulation, Google, you will find it explicit. Excellent product, so happy that I chose this particular brand. I have yet to turn on my air, because it makes that much difference. They give you a certificate that can be filed with your taxes, which allows a tax credit dollar for dollar to 10% off the total cost. Get 1-2 Stand up oscillating fans. If you will be facing a window, it absorbs the hot air from the room and create a project, on a hot day. Google, Power Knowledge 1200, my electricity bill was reduced by $ 17 for two months. If you close a window and open another, it increases the air velocity with a fan that is turned inward toward the room. Ceiling fans are nice to have in the mix. Take a cool shower or a cool bath. If you have a washing machine and dryer, dry larger loads. Open windows at night, if not wet outside. The night air will cool your house down, the next morning. As mentioned previously, fluorescent lamps notiecable make a difference. Again, under the current tax system, if you install a ceiling fan and keep the receipt and keep your receipt for fluorescent lamps, is eligible for a credit too not over $ 500.00 tax reported to the Fed. Now, it's an old grandmother old technique, but it works forever. If you have a table fan, put ice in a large bowl and put in front of the fan on the highest setting. The air cooler will blow. As the ice melts, you get a cool mist blowing in your directon. Try it. Last but not least, be sure you know how to read your electricity bill if you have a question call the power company and schedule someone to go out and read your meter. Then ask them to show you. In this way, you know how to hold them accountable and to better understand how you spend your money for electrcity. My bill is $ 60 to $ 82 without the use an air conditioner. When you turn on your computer, I hope this helps. lol.

Lego Solar Power

lego solar power
lego solar power
Legomindstorm – Robot Project?

I am working on a Lego robot that is supposed to do something cool… innovative… and original.

What is something simple yet hardhitting and amusing to try??

project an image on a wall (projector in arm structure)

solar power it to reflect need to use replaceable resources

make baby robots from its parts

or shed off (open a door/hatch)a portion and see a robot village inside

Solar Car Ventilation

solar car ventilation
No solar powered car ventilation systems really work?

I'm thinking of today Fling Thing, which is a car fan portable fan powered by solar energy. I wonder if this really works – is really hot exhaust air effectively?

It seems to work, long as there is enough solar energy to keep the thing running. I'm not really sure if it is more effective than just leaving the car windows open a little.

Solar Controller Kit

solar controller kit
adding more solar panels and battery?

I have a question please help! I just purchased the full solar kit 45 watts from the port I have also loaded http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/cta…emnumber=90599 also an investor http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/cta…emnumber=66817. "I can say add more solar panels up to 200 watts and a 12 volt battery the addition of two using the driver on the same charges and the power converter?

This charge controller is notoriously cheap and burns easily. If you add solar panels will also buy another charge controller to go with them. Both can be connected to the same battery bank. I do not think the kit comes with batteries, so going to buy any size battery bank from 12 V to power your needs demand. The size of the investor depends entirely on what will be with him, not the size of the matrix panel. As long as no power to everything above 300 W rating, it is necessary a new one. Just be sure to check the details of the investor, is 300 W continuous, or can handle up to an increase of 300 W? It is also a modified sine wave inverter instead of a pure sine wave inverter, so do not connect any electronic sensitive to it. They can not work, you may get a buzz from it.