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Grants Solar Heating

grants solar heating
grants solar heating
Solar Power Energy subsidies in Andalusia in Spain.?

I would like to obtain information on availability and criteria for obtain a grant for installing solar energy to my home to reduce the cost of heating water. We live in the province of Malaga (Axarquia region) of Andalusia, Spain.

Hello, I saw your question while I search for information on solar energy. I had solar water in an old house and found I never ran out of hot water. The ON has a good element solar energy, this week, here's the link if you do not have paper. http://www.surinenglish.com/noticias.php?Noticia=8496 Regards Liam

Residential Solar Design

residential solar design
residential solar design
What you must be a design engineer photovolatic?

I want to go to the field of photovoltaic design in some years after the economy gets better and I have some more experience as a regular electrical designer. At now I understand everything and spec transformers after the electricity company in commercial and residential buildings. Regarding the job descriptions, all the ads I saw were rather vague. They want some solar experience, a BSEE or equivalent experience, a background power / system design, etc. The fact is that PV is so much a niche sector that I've never taken lessons at school even talk about it (even with the 3-phase power, we had only weeks to explain it) and the information there is rare. I think certification NABCEP, but what else would benefit?

It seems to me that is oriented towards NABCEP installer certification rather than design, but they would probably teach the NEC requirements and familiarize yourself with the specialty products available. You could study the documentation of manufacturer photovoltaic and contact some of them to see if they have information not on their websites. Go to shows and fairs Energy and talk to suppliers. Attend seminars set up by suppliers. Keep looking for the kind of trade magazine Web sites and subscribe to related trade magazines print that you can find. Eng-tips.com may help: http://www.eng-tips.com/threadminder.cfm?pid=731 http://www.eng-tips.com/threadminder.cfm?pid=626

Solar Powered Home System – Easy Way To Have a Solar Powered

Solar Companies

solar companies
What companies are the vanguard of solar, wind and biodiesel industries?

Do you know that companies show that the most promising in these emerging fields? Thanks for any guidance.

I guess it depends on whether you are talking about the manufacturer or sale, installation side. We use technology Schueco: http://www.schueco.com/web/us/start/home Very impressive! We have a good white paper on our web site describing the various solar technologies: http://www.moonworkshome.com/home-improvement-resources/Residential-Solar-Technology-Made-Simple/

Portable Solar Panel

portable solar panel
How I can use solar energy to feed my oil filled portable heater for my room?

There seems to be much confusion about how to use solar energy in a day setting. I live in an apartment, my room is always cold. I use my laptop filled radiator oil to heat the room. And since I have exposure to the sun in the window of my room, I use some kind of solar panel to power the heater. Is there a unit that I can put in my window that will absorb or charge a battery so you can plug my heater at night to warm the room so you can sleep?

The above answers are correct – you really can not get nearly enough power inverter solar power units for induction heating or resistance. However, I have a cheaper and environmentally friendly suggestion for you because it suggests that the problem is a cold room while you sleep. Buy a warm heating pad mattress bed. It's a waste to heat the entire house or room at night when all you need is a warm bed. I have a thermostat, back in my house that drops the heat to 50 degrees F at night, but 30 minutes before going to bed turn the mattress. At the time, which in turn in bed is nice and warm. I have a quilt from the bed to keep warm as they usually just turn off the keyboard when I go to bed and stay warm overnight. If it is very cold that night (especially if it's windy), I leave the track, but in turn the control down to "low." Do this to me saved hundreds of dollars to heat the entire house at night. The programmable thermostat turns the heat back to 65 in the morning so when I get out of the house is hot again.