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Gable Solar Fan

gable solar fan
gable solar fan
Can I install an attic fan (s) without cutting through the roof or side wall attic?

I know I may be asking too much, but please bear with me. I live in a HOA community, so that any changes to the roof or exterior walls are prohibited. I checked online and seems kind of attic fans that exist today are to cut through the roof (electric or solar) or side wall (gable). So, do you know of an attic fan [which might work for my situation] that draws cool air inside the house through the ceiling and blows hot air in the attic of the existing attic ventilation? I do not mind having a visible fan of the Interior the house. I guess that's the compromise I have to live with so I can not attach to the outside. Thank you in advance for helpful answers. pickmefirstplz, I do not have an open gable, unfortunately. The only ventilation holes are small holes on the sides. I do not know if this is rare, My house was built in 1988.

if you have a gear thats open they are fans that bind to the pinion

Car Solar Fan

car solar fan
"Auto cool solar powered car Fan" Question for dogs?

http://www.progalu.com/453-auto-cool-solar-powered-car-fan Does anyone have any experience with this product? If so, do they really keep the car cooler than if they were to have the windows open? I'm asking this as I travel frequently with my dogs, and there will be times where I have to go to a store for 10-15 minutes. Not long, but I want to make sure they are comfortable in the car. I was thinking of buying two of these and then string a bunch of cold-packs together and keep them in a refrigerator until it lay on the seat when I go in inside.

Of the 76 reviews from amazon.com, 59 only gave a star! http://www.amazon.com/Auto-Solar-2dPowered-Ventilation-System-Black/product-reviews/B000QGGY9E/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 Even among those who gave him four stars, says that to work properly, the car must have installed a sunshade on the windshield! I have a puppy buyer that you have installed really high quality umbrellas in the windows of the car except the windshield as I remember, and with the door open to start, if you go somewhere for a visit, easily can leave their dogs in the car for hours and I know first hand that your car is actually less than warm temperature. So my advice is to first install parasols good at least in all the windows back and see how much you think it helps, before bothering with the purchase of something like this.

Solar Attic Ventilation

solar attic ventilation
solar attic ventilation
Do solar powered attic fans work well?

I live in Texas and it is ridiculously hot in the attic. I try to improve ventilation in the attic, but the problem is that in the summer, winds in my area are almost nonexistent, I would like an engine ventilation fan, but if I understand the energy losses of the savings in cooling and solar power fan seems the ideal solution. Has anyone had any experience with these? Can anyone recommend a brand? I live in the Dallas area.

We sell lots of natural light attic fans solar. They get great reviews, here's an example: "As soon as we installed our fan Hawaii, the temperature in the attic has dropped 50 degrees and installed since we have not had to use our air conditioning unit. The rooms are about 10 degrees cooler than today. An excellent product. The engine is quiet and he worked for three years without a hitch. … Our unit works even when the sky is cloudy. It works on UV! "You can see http://www.altestore.com/store/Lighting-Fans/Solar-Attic-Fan/Natural-Light-SOLAR-ATTIC-FAN-W-20-Watt- Panel/p2435 /. They are not recommended if you have a ridge vent, because they will not have proper air circulation, but if you have gear and / soffet or vents, it works fine.

Fan Solar Powered

fan solar powered
fan solar powered
Where to buy a mini-solar fan motor?

It must be small, AND THERE solar energy. This is a scientific project and I really need it before Monday !!!!!!!! ideas !??????????????

Do you have a Science Museum near you?

Converting a battery powered fan to a Solar Powered Fan

Solar Attic Fan

solar attic fan
solar attic fan
Price for a solar attic fan Star?

I work for my house to be the most effective energy that could be and I want one of those fans! It is a solar powered attic fan and eligible for federal tax credit 30%. I see through the website that its only sold by local dealers. Everyone knows how much it costs? Thank you

Solar Star attic fan is the way to go! I know there are other fans out there, but they are not as elegant in design and become an eye-Soar on your roof. Regarding the cost, after taxes, the DIY kit is just under $ 300. That's about $ 425 with ($ 127 discount with credit federal tax). But you also get 30% off work so it is better to have someone else install and they guarantee the work … certainly worth it! After taxes, it is about $ 100 for a dealer to install Premier for you. Also the new Solatube Daylighting eChoice system that offers a 30% tax credit, too. Can also be worth considering for … Hope this helps. Good luck with your updates!

Solar attic fan