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Gov Solar Panels

gov solar panels
gov solar panels
Is there any financial incentives or subsidies to help govt to buy green power generating technology in Canada?

that Things spiral of wind energy or solar panels for home, or even at work please someone tell me about them, do not just answer Yes or No


Gov. Barbour welcomes solar panel manufacturer Stion to Hattiesburg

Nimh Solar Charger

nimh solar charger
nimh solar charger
What is the max overload in AA before?

I use a solar charger for AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, but I'm worried about and go into overload them. My plan is to use a zener diode and LED to warn of an overload, but I can not find the voltage would be considered overloaded. This is a V 1.2, 2500MA NiMH AA battery. Any help would be appreciated Maximum output is 120 mA. theres really no worries if I do release the 250 mA? fantastic.

What power does the solar charger out? A NiMH battery can be recharged indefinitely 10% or less of capacity. The 2500 mA battery means it can be charged at 250 mA or less as long as you want without worry. The voltage on a fully charged NiMH battery is 1.4 to 1.45 volts. He is considered fully discharged at 1.0 volts.

Portable LCD Smart Rechargeable Battery Solar Charger

2010 Solara

2010 solara
2010 solara
What should I do … I am confused help plz?

Okay, I'm 19 years old and I just established some credit in January this year with a credit score of 704 Nice (yeah me) … and I want to buy a car in March 2010 or summer, and my goal is to save 3000 $ By then. My father told me he is my $ 3000. So I have $ 6000 and I think I should put 20% of the $ 6000 would go to my account, and the rest would go get my tags and title, the franchise and my insurance for 6 months … I'd go for the assurance of my mother …. I really want to obtain either a 2004 Toyota Solara, 2004 Honda Accord Coupe 2 or 2004 altima Nissiana. My friend told me I should buy a car in the auction but I do not want and I know it's my first car and all, but I did some research and I really like the Solara for its safety ratings and reliability …. but do you think I should buy from a dealer or auction and how do I make

Your best is obtain financing from your bank and buy from a private party. Even if your bank does not give you a better rate than the dealer did, the purchase price of the car will be less which means you will be less funding. That means less interest paid over the life the loan so that in the end, the total purchase price will be lower. As for the auctions, I'd probably stay away from them if I you. Auctions are usually dealer trade-ins that dealers do not want to put on their used car lot for one reason or another. They can be very good or not to be, but you will not be able to take a vehicle at auction to a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection, as you might a private party or car dealers. However, you may receive a good education by going to an auction and just observing how it works if you're still interested. You said "20% of the $ 6000 would go to my account, and the rest …" for the other charges? I think you mean you put down 20% of the purchase price of the car, not 20% of your $ 6000. To get the best rate on funding, at least 20% of the price to sit on. Since the cars you're looking to be around $ 8000 – $ 12 000, this means you want to put $ 1200 – $ 2400. But honestly, do yourself a favor and make your down payment as large as you can afford, taking into account for insurance, tags, etc. The more you write, the less you have to finance which means less interest you pay on the loan. BTW run your numbers for a personal loan. Find a car payment calculator online and play with loan term (24 months, 36 months, etc.), interest rate, payments, etc. A broker will probably try the old "If I can get your down payment of $ XXX, do you want that?" routine. They lower the payment by lengthening the term of the loan. Do not accept a period exceeding 36 months, especially on a used car! Payment month is lower, but the extra time on the loan the total interest will be even higher, which makes the car even more expensive (and the dealer gets pocket the difference!).

NEA SOLARA!!!! 2010