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Diagram Solar Energy

diagram solar energy
diagram solar energy
This is the second part please help me again, it is not hard question with!?

John said: "Energy wind actually comes from the Sun "Which of the following statements is true of John 1. Fact: Wind energy and energy Solar are the different sources of enery. 2. False: Wind energy is the kinetic energy of air 3.True: Wind is caused by certain parts of the atmosphere having a temperature higher than the others. 4.True: solar energy can be converted into kinetic energy study Performing Venn diagram below Pong Pong and dumbcane are grouped pineapple is even in another A. Pong Pong and how Dumbcane are different from the pineapple? B. to a point in the Venn diagram and write "papaya" classficaction The graph shows two groups of plants. They are classified according to their method of reproduction Group A: the mango tree and Group B: Write a foam mold and appropriate topic for A & B AB-In which group you place "algae? Ps: if please help thank you very much again part 3 last few questions

Well, when John says: "Wind power is actually the Sun, "I note that it is not called" Wind and solar energy are the same, "so that you can exclude the above. In fact all statements 1-4 are correct. You just have to reason on which answer is best, based on the question. Ah, Now, Venn diagrams are only good if you know how to use them. Try to look at how a page on the Net. I can not help you without seeing and about you. Again, the third question here is based on your own reasoning and a kind of Venn diagram, but without the diagram. Where to place the algae? Fit into each category, by definition?

Film Solar Energy

film solar energy
film solar energy
simple solution to the problems of the world?

Limit population growth, a negative number, the whole world, or only allow two children from a marriage that would create a neutral population growth, attrition would create a negative growth rate, as any new construction to produce as much energy as they consume, thin film solar, and wind, etc., update all existing structures to reduce energy consumption, we must eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, we need to stop putting chemicals in our soil, perhaps nuclear.power is not bad at all.

The world's problems are my problems. They are the problems created by those in charge. I just finished paying for them and it sticks in my throat. Happy new year well. :-)

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