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Eclipse Solaris

eclipse solaris
eclipse solaris
Would you read and maybe buy this story its called: The Eclipse?

It’s about a girl that was born with powers like invisibility and mind reading skills.

They say every 200 years the lunar eclipse comes and solaris and lunar unite, they say every infant that is born that day has very special powers that may vary by the child and this is a story about one of them.

Jane! Jane are you there stop playing around! I know your in here!
Jaja you can’t catch me! I’m invisible!
We know Jane now stop it and come.
Okay Elizabeth.(she said with a frowning face)
Now and eat your dinner.
(sigh) Why can’t I ever use my powers for fun!
Because Jane, it’s not normal!
Don’t yell please, I hate it when you yell.
Well I hate it when you ask so many questions.
Were’s mom I want to go with her not you!
Your mom is not here right now!
I hate you!
Go too your room!
I wish I was never born!

That’ all I have for know

Uh, no. Your spelling and grammar needs a lot of work and there is nothing exciting about this at all, sorry.