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Solar Dealerships

solar dealerships
solar dealerships
Now that GM is headed by Obama, do you think will be profitable?

Is not socialism great? I bet all the libs who voted for the commie can not wait for the Yugo II with a windmill and a solar panel. Top speed will be 35 mph, and the government will make your First 10 payments. ACORN probably have a group of dealers and you can register to vote at the same time you buy one of these babies.

At least you have the freedom of expression here, If I say something like that rule where I was, someone would knock on the door and take me long ago.I know the communists in real property, personal experience.At you only have four years of discontent with more here.Not with the Communists.

Solaro Energy dealers for San Diego and San Bernardino Counties.avi

Solar Car Ventilator

solar car ventilator
solar car ventilator
aerators solar cars?

Bought all those fans who are exploited by the sun so that your car can be cool. These devices that go on your window pulls the heat out. Thank you!

I have not bought one yet, but I do 'll probably, if I can find a good price. They have been around for some years and the first I heard connected to the cigarette lighter. I think c'est une bonne idée pour un climat chaud, comme la Géorgie ou la Floride.

Solar Car Ventilation

solar car ventilation
No solar powered car ventilation systems really work?

I'm thinking of today Fling Thing, which is a car fan portable fan powered by solar energy. I wonder if this really works – is really hot exhaust air effectively?

It seems to work, long as there is enough solar energy to keep the thing running. I'm not really sure if it is more effective than just leaving the car windows open a little.

Electric Solar Cars

electric solar cars
electric solar cars
How do solar cars, electric cars, and chimney cleaners help prevent global warming?

In theory, if a solar car lasted long enough, it would have its energy from the sun directly, avoiding the need to burn gasoline or other fuels carbon-based. That would mean it does not release carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. In reality, we must consider resources, pollution and carbon dioxide released into the outlet of the solar car from an ordinary car. The differences include the addition of solar panels and batteries and electric motors instead of internal combustion. An electric car has similar considerations, except it would be plugged into the wall to charge, instead of the accused by solar panels. The idea is that a commercial plant can produce energy more efficiently than a car engine, and release less carbon dioxide (but not zero). I'm not sure how to help cleaners fireplace warming the planet. In general, they eliminate particulates and nitrogen oxides which are pollutants, but do little to reduce carbon dioxide. The idea of sequestering (Ranger safely) carbon dioxide was emitted, but it is too expensive to be practical right now.