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Command Solaris Version

command solaris version
command solaris version
Can anyone let me know if I loaded correctly Solaris 10 (based on how it looks)?

I just load up Solaris 10 on x86 last night … I think it loaded properly, but it seems that the "pigeon" version of Windows 95. Is this normal? I guess I am expecting something flashy … I am accustomed to XP, Vista, Knoppix, and OS X (damn!! I'm a fucking nerd!). The Java Enterprise Desktop a little more advanced and smooth, but the graphics of the ordinary desktop Solaris are a little lo-res (slightly grainy ?)… not in some kind of video card broken pass … more in a "I'm in second year and color with crayons the size of a horses leg" kind of way … If this is normal, it is OK because until this point, I used the command line … I just want to make sure there is not something that is running (like "button ugly" or "button 1992") and off (such as, "the super, killer, totally rad for graphics Max Record button that kicks @ ss ")… Any help or bad comments are greatly appreciated mouth … do not break my glasses!

These people might be able to help you .. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/ Or give this yahoo tech. group … http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Computer_Help_and_Discussion/ Both gave me great help. I hope this helps you. Good Luck!

Securely Delete Files in Ubuntu.

Backup Solaris 10

backup solaris 10
backup solaris 10
How can you make a complete backup of a Solaris 10 system to an FTP server or a remote computer?

Hello, I'm doing everything to save a Solaris system. I would like to save the system or an FTP server or a remote computer, but I have not found much of what I like or that is straight ahead. Can you help me? All ideas are welcome. Thank you

Could you make an iso. Using backup windows, or some other backup utility, then download the iso file. On the FTP server or a remote computer?

Emergency Solar Backup

emergency solar backup
emergency solar backup
(After watching the news) Dont you think that hospitals should run off of solar energy?

or is too d @ mn expensive? (The plane crash news, had to use emergency power supply)

Many hospitals use a combination photovoltaic solar energy and generators. hospital use and the ungodly amount of electricity and requirements to have an entire hospital supported by solar energy, it would take a lot of solar panels and batteries. However a good combination of generator solar and backup can be used and can be very profitable.

Backup Solar Generator

backup solar generator
Anyone know how to get high speed out of the network?

Hey I just moved to a place that is totally out of the net ….. we have the energy solar with a generator as back up ….. anyone know how or if I can get high speed internet, because honestly I can not live without it ……. we Direct TV offer, but it was ridiculously expensive and a little faster than dial up …. please help me

I live to the country cable and DSL is not possible (yet). The best way I found to get high-speed Internet is going with a Sprint Mobile Broadband Card. You only have plug it into your USB port or PCI slot, depending on which model to buy, and there you go. It's cheaper than DirectTV, it is not necessary to buy all the equipment. In addition, if you have a laptop, goes with you. If desired, you have a special router so you can get wireless Internet throughout your home. It is new, so it is expensive. It is $ 200 for special wireless router. From personal experience and through family and friends, Sprint broadband is faster than DirecTV and other companies satellite cable. Furthermore, there download limit, as in unlimited "Verizon" plan. You are allowed to try and return in 15 days so you have nothing to lose as well. Not knowing your location, but try to see if you are in the service area. View http://powervision.sprint.com/mobilebroadband/ I hope to find a solution!