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pa solar installers
Free electricity? I need help?

Hi my name is Jim. I am from pgh pa. I am looking for someone who lives here in pgh pa to show me how to make or build a solar panel for home use. Show me how to make just one solar panel and i will make the rest that i will need to power my house. If my house uses X number of kwh of power a day, then i want to build X number of solar panels to equal the power my house uses. At least , I will lower my electricty bill and at best i will eliminate my bill. Show me where to buy the parts i need to build a panel and help me or show me how to build a panel. You will get compensation for your help. My email is : This is for real ad for help. Please don’t ask me stupid questions. I think what i ask for is self explanatory. Im looking to reduce my electric bill. And i need help to build a solar panel. A regular panel that solar companies sell. thank you. jim

It used to be cheaper to build your own panels from reject solar cells, but with present drops in panel prices, that’s no longer so. Kind of like building your own computer. You could buy all the parts today and assemble them, but it would cost more than just buying a ready-made model at Walmart or Costco.

Pennsylvania is unfortunately out of the area where solar electric is an easy payback. Hawaii is, and so is California. What you can do is try contacting a solar solar installer from the phone book to see how much a system would cost, and how much it would produce, then could judge whether it would be a real savings. Or, go to Google Maps, satellite view, scan the rooftops in your area for someone with panels, then go to their house and ask them about it. This is easy where I live, as there are about 2-3 systems installed per block. I suspect it is MUCH less where you live, and that would be a clue as to its cost-effectiveness.

Some vendors selling panels (parts only, not installation) include,, and , to get an idea of panel prices.

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