Outside Solar Fountains

outside solar fountains
I have a 40 gallon tank. Please help with the fish pump and ideas. There is no electricity available. As for solar energy.?

I started my first pond. It is the smallest I could find, preformed 40 gallons of Home Depot. I have 1) Water Garden Pond Water Centella easy Pantano Plant 1) Torrey RUSH Aquatic Plant Pond swamp I thought this would help with oxygen, but I was wrong. This stupid old man in Walmart sold me two koi fish after being told it was a small tank with no pump. They died within 24 hours and my 3 year old is devastated. My husband doesn't want to electricity to run out and I ordered a solar fountain should be here next week. I just want to know what to do and how to go about buying some fish that will not die. I found battery air pumps, but they say they are for situations backup emergency power interruption. Any suggestions? Also what kind of chemicals I have to balance the water? Thanks for any advice for a bit of research I found that the People say goldfish can live in a bowl then that means they can live in a pond without pump ?????

oxygenators plants are not effective … need anacharis or hornwort, or other plants that plunges. Also, if the pond is small, not big fish, the blame is that old! if you live in the tropics, get viviparous, which are very resistant and requires no air pump, if there are no plants and do not crowd. and basically, goldfish and koi are related so if the toughest koi can not live there, so will the most vulnerable goldfish …

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