Ny Solar Rebates

ny solar rebates
ny solar rebates
solar panels and how they work

Hello, I am thinking about getting solar panels installed. # 1 I like to reduce my bill electricity. # 2 I want to remove my oil boiler and use some sort of electric boiler. I use about 15000-30000 KW per hour (winter-summer). My oil bill is about 600 winter months. Overall I pay about 4000 per year. My electric bil now of approximately 2000-2500 years. Is this possible? I live in New York. I heard that you can get up to $ 35,000 LIPA rebate (power company) 2k and 5k federal and state (federal or state each year?, how it works). Any help is appreciated.

There are a variety of information available on the Internet for solar panels. You did not say if you're interested in installing a photovoltaic system to generate electricity, or if you want a passive solar system. From what I read, the method would you give the greatest payback on your investment is passive solar heater. I can not give you specific instructions on how to build one of these units, but there are many sites with instructions. My big brother had one of these mounted on his old farm. It stated that her oven does not run all day during cold Wisconsin winters. Government rebates or tax credits are generally a one time. They may pay part of your installation, but they do not cover the entire cost. The only thing I've heard of that you pay each year is a wind generator connected to the grid, but thats another assignment. I am including a link to a site that will show you how to build a solar heater cheap that you can try.

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