Nimh Solar Charger

nimh solar charger
nimh solar charger
What is the max overload in AA before?

I use a solar charger for AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, but I'm worried about and go into overload them. My plan is to use a zener diode and LED to warn of an overload, but I can not find the voltage would be considered overloaded. This is a V 1.2, 2500MA NiMH AA battery. Any help would be appreciated Maximum output is 120 mA. theres really no worries if I do release the 250 mA? fantastic.

What power does the solar charger out? A NiMH battery can be recharged indefinitely 10% or less of capacity. The 2500 mA battery means it can be charged at 250 mA or less as long as you want without worry. The voltage on a fully charged NiMH battery is 1.4 to 1.45 volts. He is considered fully discharged at 1.0 volts.

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