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Type and size of capacitor required for a solar energy project?

I want to create a solar powered USB. Hook the cable USB directly to a solar panel works fine until I lose direct sunlight. I was told that using a large capacitor would be wiser than a NiMH battery. The solar panel is a V June 12 matrix of cells. There is also a voltage regulator from 5 volts. So what type and size the capacitor is necessary for my solar project? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I do not know what your budget is or what your current condition. The least expensive high-capacity capacitor is the type of electrolysis, but it is usually (load) is leaking. Tantalums are not as large capacity and are more expensive, but are not as tight. You have to compare prices to see if it's cheaper to buy a large capacitor bank or building smaller. If money is no object, then you might see the new super (or super) capacitor can be used instead of a battery in some devices. To determine the support you need to store, multiply the max. USB current (A) you need by the time (s) that need for the USB power (or the maximum time of your solar cell can be down, lower). Then, divide the charge by the supply voltage (V) to obtain the capacity (F) (C = Q / T = V * I / V). For safety, I also get a capacitor rated at least twice the supply voltage.

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