Marine Solar Fans

marine solar fans
Solar panels for a truck that we need a little help?

We are interested in investing in solar panels for a van conversion A /. We have a 12v marine mass and an investor I'm not sure of the power. We do not need much, just to load 2 laptops and five mobile phones every few days, a small television for an hour or two every night. I'm not sure how many watts I have to do this, but I was thinking 90? I'm not clear about how to tell the output power. How many hours does the battery to charge? I'm not sure how many watts the inverter and charge the driver what to get. I'm a bit lost haha. Also … It would be nice to have more appliances or the installation of lights, perhaps a way of cooking or a fan. What power we have to do a little more comfortable? Do we need more deep cycle batteries? Thanks guys! I know I'm a rookie, but I can not understand some of this in the time frame I have and not much research has appeared a good way to find out.

First you need to know how much energy is needed to perform all their "stuff" so the sites below as a guide, and enjoy!

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