Lunar Solar Tables

lunar solar tables
lunar solar tables
Why the push to keep the Vatican's Gregorian University for 12 months when the UN has considered returning to …?

true solar-lunar 13 days Civil month/28 which was used until the Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582? "The Roman Catholic Church calendar 12-month religious has not been adopted as international standard until 1924. In 1931, the League is considering the timetable 13-month/28-day as a new international standard. The Vatican disapproved and reform was tabled until the United Nations has picked up in 1956 when, again, the Vatican blocked reform. Since 1993, a new movement has been increasingly the world to a real solar-lunar calendar that many ancient cultures used until about 400 years ago when the 12-month calendar was presented in progress … "Why was / Cons to the Vatican is that? And what are your thoughts on returning to the agenda 13 moons? (See links if you're interested)

I could not find the alleged quote on the page you linked to. I have not found this – "The opinion of the Church Catholic was given during the pontificate of Pope Pius X: "The Holy See has said he made no objection, but urged the civil authorities to conclude an agreement on the reform of the calendar, after which it is prepared to grant its cooperation since the issue affected religious festivals "- On another site. In fact, I Googled one of your phrases in quotation alleged, and I found a Facebook page! Do you have anything to change the look of the Vatican bad? 3Aen-US% 3Aofficial & q = 22The + Vatican + disapproved + and + + has been deposited reform + + + until + the + Nations United + back + the + top + of +% 1956% 2C + when new Vatican 2C + + + + blocked the reform.% 22 & aq = f & = & = & AQI aql oq = & = gs_rfai

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