Large Solar Projects

large solar projects
large solar projects
Do you plan to ship a large building humanity over the next 100 years?

I sat there watching films like Event Horizon, Pandorum, Avatar, District 9, etc. It made ??me think about how it took decades to build and maintain a station dinky little space that is doomed to orbit Earth. We can not even go to the moon by 2020 as NASA had expected, now that Obama has put the brakes on this project. Do you foresee any kind of large spacecraft designed to carry humans beyond our moon or even the edge of our solar system in the next 100 years? If not how long do you think will or do you think we will destroy our planet and kill us by war, overpopulation and destruction in the atmosphere before we reach that level of technology? I know there no way to really get an accurate estimate of the time I'm just asking your opinion. It makes me sad to think that we can never reach that point where we can have the ability, but the big boys with deep pockets will not fit to fund such a project.

I sat there watching movies These spacecraft are used in entertainment. Creating a "big [lived] space" will not happen unless there is clearly something to gain. Any government (or governments of the federation) is going to the table vast sums of money to a project that will undoubtedly last longer than their duration. If she brings the voices and political influence, they will. If the cost votes, he will stay on big screen only.

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