Intex Solar Cover

intex solar cover
The algae problem with my above ground pool – How I can get rid of it!?

Hi, I have one foot in the oval surface 20 swiiming pool Intex. I recently set up and have a solar cover sat on it. Unfortunately my garden inthe wiring had burned so for the month past the filter hasn't been on. I just got that fixed, but it seems the damage has been done. I looked at the pool last night and the bottom of it was covered Algae! I have a broom and swept it could fund, but the water just turned very green and its just going to be reinstalled. I have the chemicals, but are about 2 years old and have lived outside of / look pretty useless. 1 is a mixture of things on a tablet

I get a good filtration system and try to get a good water treatment. Usually, they sell kits with everything you need. Walmart is your best bet, or go to a maintenance shop of the pool and ask for some help. I Google stores the pool and maybe a call to see what they need to do to prevent that from happening.

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