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home solar panels
home solar panels
Wanting to add solar panels for my house?

I have a house in Manchester, Tn and we slowly renovating the house. It is about 2100 m² of living space. Our normal electric bill is around 150 per month. We would like to add some solar panels at home to help reduce the amount of the invoice. How many panels do I need and what would it cost? I do not want to go completely of the grid but I would like start somewhere and perhaps over time be able to add. What is your recommendation for a reasonable cost of less than 2 to 3 k?

Unless there have been some major progress in the efficiency of the solar panel – Forget it. I watched some "utility interactive" systems where electricity produced by solar panels through a special inverter and electrical system of the house while you can not used went backwards through the meter and the network. I thought that even if it was sunny all day, it would about 20 years to break even on the system. In other words, if I invested $ 5000 in a small system to save $ 5,000 off the bill electricity would take 20 years. If I had $ 5,000 to invest, it wouldnt be the place! It would take more than 20 years of electricity savings match, even a modest investment. So remember what happens if 10 years of UPS or some of the panels and should be replaced. Investing in fluorescent lamps, LED maybe. You will see much faster return on investment. Install insulation over, put in a heat pump system. Thank you desire to save energy, solar is just not worth doing, at least not yet.

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