Gable Solar Fan

gable solar fan
gable solar fan
Can I install an attic fan (s) without cutting through the roof or side wall attic?

I know I may be asking too much, but please bear with me. I live in a HOA community, so that any changes to the roof or exterior walls are prohibited. I checked online and seems kind of attic fans that exist today are to cut through the roof (electric or solar) or side wall (gable). So, do you know of an attic fan [which might work for my situation] that draws cool air inside the house through the ceiling and blows hot air in the attic of the existing attic ventilation? I do not mind having a visible fan of the Interior the house. I guess that's the compromise I have to live with so I can not attach to the outside. Thank you in advance for helpful answers. pickmefirstplz, I do not have an open gable, unfortunately. The only ventilation holes are small holes on the sides. I do not know if this is rare, My house was built in 1988.

if you have a gear thats open they are fans that bind to the pinion

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