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franklin solar
franklin solar
Desert island question. How do you pass the time if …?

… All you had with you is this: A pocket cassette player / recorder which could in the solar energy with five blank tapes, albums and five pre-recorded tapes which were as follows … 1. Soundtrack to YENTEL 2. Jackson Brown's "Hold On" 3. Aretha Franklin's "Greatest Hits" 4. George Jones' "Greatest Hits" 5. Cyndi Lauper "She's So Unusual "Suppose there were a lot of food, fresh water sources and shelter and you have already established a place of your own in a hut Fully furnished and clean old remains of the Second World War, and there were no other creatures living on the island, except for birds and chickens. You also had a lot of paper and pencils left behind in the hut of Americans and an old typewriter to use as well. There was also old clothes hanging in closets, old magazines and newspapers and books dating from 1944 to read. You also found a stash of unopened wine to drink if you wish. So what would you do?

Jackson put on some brown, fix a snack and a glass of wine.

BigBelly Solar and Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

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