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franchise solar panels
franchise solar panels
Why not multi-purpose stadiums more?

People tell me something! What happens at Fenway Park during the offseason? All it does is take the Ballpark space as many do. I'm cool with the construction of multipurpose facilities again. I think they should be octagonal, so they can still be adjustable and have this hobby is way traditional feel. The exterior can be done from bricks. The stadium would have a retractable roof for inclement weather, and the field would still be natural grass. All franchises that use the pay costs for maintenance. I would even install solar panels and wind turbines helical, so that he could put the energy the network. I would also install compost toilets with methane digesters in all installations. I would make a green stage adorned the walls of ivy, too. I know they are already practicing this technique in Japan. So why not do it here? A stage like this is what I call an engineering company Marvel.

there will be too many people sitting there. Does not fit in.

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