Fountain Solar Powered

fountain solar powered
Where I can get a small solar panel to power a water pump outside?

I have a source that has an electric pump small. the fact of being near a home, but I is not through the road and want to take power there. a small solar panel that I can get cheap enough to be mounted on a nearby tree and be able to plug the pump in it?

You need more than a small solar panel to operate a pump continuously, unless you do not mind that the pump is switched on only during the day while the sun is out. First you need to know what the demands of the pump power in question. Not only do you need to know the rate of energy consumption of the pump, but you also have to calculate the amount of energy that the pump is based in the solar system every day. Will have to take into account that the sun shines brightly every day, and of course no night, so a battery will storage and charging system to go along with your solar panel. Now most of the bombs like the one you describe are 120vac. Most solar panels, batteries, Chargers and are 12vdc. To get 120vac inverter is needed. Once again, you will need to ensure that the investor makes can handle the demands of the pump. A solar system that really works for you takes some careful planning and not something that just hang from a tree. Nothing will be cheap just descibed by my definition, so if it were me, I would dig a trench in the road and install some direct burial in a GFCI outlet in my main power panel and save a package.

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