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Are there planets like Earth to large blue stars?

Well, the system shows Sun like planets exist in another solar system on low-mass stars, I wonder if the planet like the earth does not exist share on mass stars bluer. Well, orange or small stars were like 5, 6, or 7 planets, what is a good number of planets on blue or white star mass higher. 8, 9, 10? Or the mass higher education white or blue stars that could have 4 planets like planet earth before roasting. Too many planets in the universe died as our moon anyway.

Based on observations the last decade, the planets are a common feature of single star systems. The planets are detected in two ways, by reduction of light when they pass between us and the star, and how the star wobbles as the planet orbits. Both methods are easier if the star is less massive (and smaller), the planets so that we have not detected orbiting massive stars at the moment. Earth-like planets could exist, they would orbit farther from the star, so they are the right temperature.

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