Flag Solar Lighting

flag solar lighting
flag solar lighting
I need help finding a good lighting setup for my mast.?

I have a mast that is far enough ways the nearest electrical source. I am a stickler real when it comes to keeping the flag lit at night, so it is important to me I receive a large installation. I know there are all kinds of wired options, but that would involve half of the trenches of the court and the rewiring things in the house. Not much fun. Solar sounds good, until he died by midnight. (We have trees in the region to Solar is not always a good way to go). What is it? Do they make battery packs for lighting? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

If your mast is 25 "or less, the sunlight is great: http://www.quinnflags.com/productDetails.asp?CatId=3&SubCatId=225&CategoryName=Flagpole+Lighting&Id=2163

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