First Solar Car

first solar car
first solar car
Right … And where is my Rocket Car and Jet-Pack?

Long, we were promised flying cars (including trucks flying lunch! Thank you Blade Runner, thank you!), Not to mention the slave robot (the revolt and destroy all humans), and at least one moon colony. Which was divert the funds? Why do not people think that the funding of space programs around the world (and even put them together into a coherent mass association "interested parties") is not hot stuff and then carp about how we are not yet on Mars? Where's my jet pack? Where is my Solar robot? Why not programming the U.S. laws of robotics Asimovian in their robots, but roboticists Asia there first (I think the Koreans were the first to go public about it, but not clear about this. If anyone knows for sure on the laws of A. implemented on a large scale AI applications in autonomous form)? Sorry, it was there .. Feel free to spin conspiracy. OR you might know what happens. Well Sure, I'm suspicious as all hell, but what you say? Freemasons welcome.

We had flying cars for 40 years. Until the government gets its fresh air operational monitoring system for the next decade, it can not and has never been able to follow all traffic, so that the FAA has said no to her. But the new "sport" flying license is a step in the right direction. You can now get a flying license in two weeks. There are many restrictions, but you want to fly, you can get License TWO WEEKS. As for the jet pack, no one has been able to provide a power supply stream that lasts over 33 seconds – which is also small enough for use.

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