Fence Solar Lights

fence solar lights
fence solar lights
Solar electric fence VS?

I was the proud owner of a motor Closing solar for the past 2 years. Until I made my house a year. He ran through. My husband went out and checked my guide it has no juice in it. Flashing lights, all these years? was it working or not? We tested it when I installed it, worked well. Did not have a problem until now. So I want to replace my guide …. Does anyone recommend anything?? Is solar a waste of money or do you think it might have been struck by lightning, what are the signs? or should I buy the controller (the other question on the electric fence) and install an electric fence real, if what you recommend for yearlings. Any response would be a great help. My best friend usually deals with my questions of this kind. (I'm not a farmer by any means) but he unfortunately passed away in March. God, I wish he was heard. I know he would have much to say. Thank you you for taking the time to read. Lucky

I use solar energy. It may be a charge varying according to weeds growing through the fence or bird shit on solar cells. We check closure very often. It has a counter that tells us how much current is applied or if it is not hot. You can have a bad cell. Our guide has a ground wire severe copper is buried in the ground to specifications therefor, it is not affected by lightning. But we had a yearling who walked through it. We use 4 strands [we have young and that is enough of a barrier to be safe for them and most still contain] a type of rope with a copper wire wrapped by it and not the 4 are charged. So we had to reconfigure the son turned on even though we ran straight into the chest area One year we found that this is not a live wire and it did not touch others as it rolled by. This immediately stopped the yearling that the height of Over the chest is the one he had contact with her nose and once it has been zapped, it was for him. I was close ElectroBraid. It is easy to install and reasonable to buy. Even with the fence, it can not be passed through and will not be cut. A horse may emerge if the juice is off by crawling between the strings, but must make an effort and adults do not bother, they will not graze again when turned off. It a zap intermittent instead of a solid, which impacts the horse really, but let him go too. I got it for about 10 years.

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