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exterior solar lighting
exterior solar lighting
Where can you buy low-emissivity coatings for windows?

I live in New York and I'm looking for Low-E coating to my window, the windows are all glass, with 8 of them being about 12 "x36" and the four others are triangular, with both parties right measuring approximately 24 "x36". I'm looking to apply a coating the existing windows to slow the transmission of solar heat, but allow visible light can be interior or exterior coatings … I found tons of information on them but no way to buy.

Low-E coatings must be applied in a very thin and uniform. It would simply not possible to do without a very expensive and bulky equipment. You can not just buy a box Low-E and apply it to existing windows. In addition, the coating is very fragile and is applied to the inside of double or triple glazing component. If it was not between layers of glass, it comes off when you wash the window. You can buy film that Low-E properties. Movies are generally a little more tinged with a factory built Low-E window, but they do not look bad if they are properly applied. Do a search for "window tint film low-e" and you should see some options.

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