Solar Pannel Kit

solar pannel kit
solar pannel kit
I use 20 LED with 3.6V and 20 milli amps current. what is the best solar panel with appropriate specifications.

I use 20 LED parallel circuit, and want to use solar power, so it can load the magazine into the daylight and night it can glow about 8 to 10 hours. please tell me if there is a kit available or I can get different parts and put them togather. Size really matters in this case, smaller is better. I appreciate every bit of help. thank you in advance.

Total energy needed = 10hrs x 20 x LED 3.6vx 0.020 Amp = 14 watt-hour. Thus, the 3.6 volt battery should be atleast 3.8 AmpHr capabilities. Solar panels are usually made for batteries 12 volts. You can connect a solar panel 12 to 3.6 volts, but you can no longer charge the battery. Even if you connect a battery of 12 volt panel 3.6 volts, the panel gives you almost the same current. In short look for a sign with short-circuit watts 14 hours / 6 hours of daylight / 3.6 volts = more 650 amps milli. There will be more complicated than you think. You must use a diode so that your battery is not discharged during the night through the panel itself. Also, you'll need a power diode-Zener about 4 volts, in parallel to the battery while the battery is not over charged. Try ebay, you'll find easly panel + battery combo that will give you 4.8 volts. If you want to have fun try my idea.

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