Electric Solar Fence

electric solar fence
electric solar fence
Has anyone used solar fences to keep deer from a garden?

If yes, how did it work? Is it safe for cats and birds? What is the voltage and type, etc. We have been overrun by deer last year, and if we can not find a way dissuade them, we're just wasting time and $ $ trying to have a vegetable garden. We currently have a fence 4-5 feet tall, with extension son of 2 to 4 m high, but the deer just go between the fence and the son! The garden is large enough, but too far from home appliances. We asked if the fence solar might work, but do not want to endanger our cats or birds that help pest w / garden. Any help is appreciated.

An electric fence will not harm the birds, because they are unfounded and you can place the wire on the floor high enough so the cats can go below, but low enough to deter deer. The shock is very mild, electric fences and hard work are much more humane than Barb son.

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