Earthquakes Solar Flares

earthquakes solar flares
earthquakes solar flares
someone else begins to believe the theory of 2012?

I mean the first earthquake in Haiti, and the earthquake in Chile, and the flooding of Nashville (I think), then the oil spill (which is to destroy the earth), then flares Solar, at first I do not think the theory, but today all these disasters happen and I'm shitting bricks!

Y2K was a real problem, but not catastrophic. Any device that would have been serious mistakes after 2000 was either patched or discarded. 2012 is not a disaster, but it's always fun to talk. The earthquake in Haiti and the BP oil spill has nothing to do with each other. Tremors land occur all the time. An oil spill is bound to spend some time. The world is a great disaster all the time, and 2012 is no more special year. For Cassandra of global warming, do not worry. You will probably be long dead before global warming strike force. For the people delight, do not worry. People have predicted the rapture for centuries now. They were wrong every time.

Earthquakes, Solar Flares and Radar Anomolies (4th April 2011)

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