Earth Solar Day

earth solar day
earth solar day
How long would the solar day change if changes in rotation?

how and by roughly how much would change for the lenggth solar day when Earth's rotation were to suddenly reverse the direction?

sidereal day the Earth is 23.93447 hours. It's time it takes the Earth to rotate around so that it aligns with respect to the stars. If you were at how long it takes between occasions when a particular star is directly above you get this figure. As you can see there is a little less than 24 hours. The top of the Earth is in orbit around the sun in the same direction as its rotation. Thus, it takes a little over a sidereal day the Earth to rotate relative to the sun (24 hours). If you think what happens over the entire year, you'll see that the earth revolves in fact an extension relative to the stars than the Sun. You can use this to understand why the sidereal day is the length it is. If d is the length of the sidereal day and s is the length of the solar day and n is the number of days in a year sidereal (n-1) s = S = N / A N / (n-1) Taking n = 366.2422 (number of solar days + 1) and d = 23.93447 (hours), you get: s = 24,000 (hours) as now scheduled to go to your question, if the rotation of the Earth suddenly change direction, * but keep the same speed relative to the * star then the sidereal day would remain the same, but the solar day would change. This is because the Earth would actually perform a rotation relative to the sun more early as compared to the stars. So how many times a day? Well, the thing is that now there will be a day * * plus solar sidereal day, rather less than one. So, the equation becomes: (n +1) s = es = e / (n +1) with the same d and n as before (as we are assuming that the sidereal day one is still the same) we get: s = 23.8693 (hours), about 23 hours, 52 minutes. So if the Earth were to change the direction of rotation while maintaining the same rate of rotation with the background stars and a mean solar day would be reduced to 23 hours 52 minutes. Also there will be an extra two days of the year (Ie average 367.2422 days sun).

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