Diy Solar Electricity

diy solar electricity
I'm doing a DIY solar panel?

I'm doing a big project for school, and I decided to do it on solar panels. I am new to the subject, but have done some research on it, I would buy a single panel, charge controller, an inverter and a battery to charge a single lamp. My question is whether the articles in the links to work together and if the panel will produce electricity? INVESTORS: LOAD CONTROL: PANEL: still have not found a battery. Also, if you know any way to get cheaper items, but the same efficiency, please tell me. Thanks. I changed the investor is:

Sounds like fun. A 1 watt panel does not need a charge controller, however. In fact, it may take 1 watt of power charge controller. With a low-power panel, you can only connect directly to the battery panel. A gel cell 7 amp-hour (the rate those used in burglar alarms) would be good for this purpose. The group is too small to charge a car battery. The gel cell must be that the investor, but only for a few minutes. If you want to be more impressive, look for a low power, 12 volt device. An iPod, plus a car adapter 12 volt would be an example.

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