Deck Solar Monitoring

deck solar monitoring
What actions should be done for the maintenance of a house?

Can you list the maintenance actions to do on a building (the kind you would find in a city) that should be done periodically (ex.: checking the electrical system, painting the outside, etc.) or for specific needs (ex.: repairing the facade, change some broken pipes, etc.)?

Thank you!!

There is a lot to be done.

Checking the mechanical systems like the boiler, furnace etc for proper consumables (like oil, changing filters, cleaning around them).

Checking alarm systems, monitors, alarm batteries.

Exterior work like general cleaning, lawn care, window cleaning, resealing (floors, decks, concrete etc) as needed.

Changing light bulbs, ordering basic supplies like gloves, new brooms and whatever equipment is used to maintain the property, cleaning supplies, masks.

Painting interior and exterior, waterproofing wet areas and basements.

Pest Control

Checking utility meters to see if they are working and see if they are recording the right amount and verify that to the utility bills.

Cleaning vents, checking to see that they are not blocked, air flow is correct.

Oiling metal parts, door hinges, gate locks, garage doors.

Cleaning solar panels, clearing gutters, sweeping street and keeping drains and septic tanks clear.

Keeping track of contractors who take care of HVAC units and other things that are outsourced.

Keeping up with inspections (elevator, gas systems, etc)

Getting work permits when necessary

Fixing what is needed in terms of plumbing, electrical etc.

Checking for upgrades and new technology in terms of cost savings and environmental issues.

Cleaning and repairing tools

Proper waste and garbage disposal

The list goes on……..

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