Crystal Solar Panels

crystal solar panels
crystal solar panels
Laptop Help? Laptop Help? Laptop Help?

Hello, my laptop will have a form factor and will Unibody made in platinum, I wonder what is the most transparent material? because I would use instead of glass crystal but I do not know yet whether I'll use the material more transparent to go on the 15 "Sony OLED screen. The laptop has a fingerprint biometric lock / magnetic lock to prevent thieves from opening it. Oh, and I'll put a large solar panel on top of e to give him a shiny black look and also to load the Sun If you have any ideas please your answers and post them also if you have any problems post them in your answer, oh and money is not a problem but I am doing for myself to use. Guys thank you for your answers:-D

Are you Tony Stark? What do you use as an energy source, Arc Reactor? ~ I want to use Transparent Aluminum (AION). Bullet Proof Scratch-resistant and transparent.

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