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Find the output of a solar panel?

How could I know that the performance of the receiver of a solar panel? Specifically, I want to know how many milliamps can a solar panel on the fx-260 Casio made?

You need full sun by the sun or a lamp gives a spectrum of light similar to sunlight, a voltmeter, meter Milli-amp, and a variable resistor from 0 to 1000 ohms. The test can cross the voltmeter strings of solar cells. The conduit will ammeter in series with the solar cell. Say, positive lead of the solar cell over the positive terminal of the ammeter, the negative lead from the ammeter to one terminal of variable resistor and the wiper terminal of variable resistor to the negative of solar cell. Slowly decrease the resistance value until the voltage of the solar cell is just beginning to fall. Note ammeter reading. This is the high-end range of the solar cell. You may want to begin with a meter micro-amps for the ammeter.

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