Bug Solar Lights

bug solar lights
How I can improve this platform?

Need help from a new light cover is centered around the blue eyes white dragon. So far I have: Monster: three blue eyes white dragon blue eyes final 3 Disciple of the forbidden spell men eating insect a Spirit of the Harp 3 Kaiser Sea Dragon 1 Horse Forgiving Maiden Felgrand 1 3 Homunculus the Alchemic be a Magna Slash Dragon 1 Element Dragon 1 Kaibaman a Mystical Elf a Herald of Creation 1 The Creator 1 Creator incarnated the soul of a purity and a light Guardian Angel Joan Spell: 1 Foolish Burial 1 Swords of revealing light soul exchange 1 a change of heart a scapegoat a heavy storm a bright spark 1 Rush Recklessly a monster Reborn polymerization trap a Dragon's Mirror: 1 A Rival Appears two rays Threatening roar

Raigeki, Stray Lambs Raigeki break, the mirror force, magic cylinder, Elf Robbin ', and perhaps a magician of faith I can help

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