Solar Dish Engine

solar dish engine
Why are "molten salts" a good medium for storing solar energy?

I want to use molten salt for heat transfer from solar parabolic dish with a storage tank, then a stirling engine that drives an electric generator. Provide details on how salt and transferring the heat in this scenario. Thanks. Thanks for the links, which is where I have the idea first. My question is how to transfer heat from collector to storage tank and if the heat transfer by convection is sufficient to maintain the storage tank load. I read that the pumps are needed, but how can a bomb 1.000 degree molten liquid? What kind of pipes / pumps are needed? ~ Ecevit/projects/471projects/2004-5_1.semester/471-2004- 1-Concentration%% 20collector-Serkan 20Kapucu.ppt http://www / bridge / purl.cover.jsp? purl = / 10168906 -DkfRtU / ~ bhoglund / whatsMoltenSal.html 7051529-claims.html Here is another link in the search for high temperature industrial and chemical applications of pumping. Unfortunately, I think for what you looking, you are in stainless steel pipes (molten salts are corrosive) and other expensive equipment.

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